How To Get Rid Of Skunks? 7 Easy Steps 2021

How to get rid of skunks? No matter how much you love animals, you would never like to see those small furry black and white striped mammals around or within your house.

Commonly known as skunks, the noxious musk they spray is the greatest threat they pose from their presence. They are also the carrier of diseases like rabies and others.

These messy skunks are also responsible for tearing apart your trash bags and toppling around the cans. From cutting off their food supply to using skunks repellents, you must be jostling with many techniques to get rid of skunks.

If still, you are wondering how to get rid of skunks, here we go:

How To Get Rid Of Skunks? 7 Easy Steps 2021

How to get rid of skunks

1- Bait And Trap

Trapping the existing skunks is one of the most effective ways to get rid of them. However, before catching them, you should contact local or state governments to ensure the lawful method of releasing the skunks. There are various states in which some of the species of skunks are protected. Here are some of the guidelines which you should follow:

You should refer to all the detailed instructions carefully, which are issued by the pest control manufacturer to understand the operations. Ensure that the strip plate works well. You can spring it several times before placing it finally to ensure that it closes quickly.

Fish-flavored cat food, peanut butter on bread, chicken parts, and bacon are some of the great options to be considered for making a bait. Check the bait periodically, if it is taken or touched. If yes, time to refresh the bait.

2- Prevent Their Access

Find out all the possible openings and seal them properly. Trim all the shrubbery and trees from the roof and house. Cover the chimney outlet with a cap when not in use. Use heavy wire cloth to cover all the inlet holes of your home. The use of electric fencing also helps in keeping the skunks away.

3- Removal And Release

Once trapped, releasing the skunk needs assistance from the state or local commission. As skunks are very aggressive, it can be dangerous for the homeowner, as it is likely to bite or attack. Hence, direction from any trained wildlife professional is imperative to ensure the safe release of skunks.

4- What keeps the Skunks away?

Keeping away skunks is a tedious task but not impossible. By taking care of a few essential things, you can keep the skunks away:

To eliminate the food sources, you can apply topical applications to your lawn grass.

Skunks usually occupy the dens and shelters which are abandoned by other wildlife and do not build their accommodation. Hence, you should be vigilant to block all the burrows and holes in your property.

Fruits producing crabapples, nuts, and berries should be removed from your garden as soon as they fall to avoid skunks as more quickly as the grains in your garden ripes, pick them.

Keep your garbage can secure to avoid skunks. You should keep your garbage bins inside the house, especially during the night. The smell of food attracts skunks. Hence, it is essential to keep the food away from their reach.

5- Effective Skunk Repellent

To prevent skunks, there are several skunk repellents available in the market. Here are some of the effective skunk repellent as follows:

Pepper spray deters the skunk and other wildlife in the right way. Spray it on the trees and the various places where you find the traces of skunks to get rid of them.

Motion-activated sprinklers spray water on the passing animal passing using their motorized censors. It is an effective remedy to scare a passing hungry skunk. But over time, skunks find their way around.

Dog and fox are considered as the prime predator of skunks. The urine of skunk’s predator is an effective deterrent that is commercially available in the form of liquid and granules. Straight dog urine is, however, a better deal to crack with.

Citrus peel is another useful repellent that possesses natural repellent quality. Scatter the lemon and orange peel around the property to keep the skunks away.

The pungent smell of ammonia is equally useful in driving away from the wildlife. It is distressing to the nose and eyes of wildlife and thus keeps them apart. Dip few rags into ammonia and placed the porch or deck.

It is essential to prove all the possible entry points for skunks to be sealed to debarred the entry of skunks food is the primary skunk driver that attracts them to the property.

6- Is Skunk Afraid Of Anything?

Yes, skunks are afraid of motion sensor flood light and bright light. Similarly, the smell of citrus fruits keeps them at bay.

7- Are Skunks Friendly?

Skunks are not aggressive unless there is a threat to their safety. Skunks are low-maintenance pets, which are quite friendly. They are also curious, loving, playful, and entertaining.

8- What Are Skunks Good For?

By eating the insects, mice, wild fruits, and eggs of birds nesting on the ground, many people pet skunks. Early spring and late winter is the breeding time. After 60-75 of breeding, the litter arrives in May or June.


Skunks are not aggressive and worth keeping for a useful purpose. Food is generally the primary cause of attraction for skunks. Hence, it is imperative to remove all the sources of food for them at your outdoors. Check your garden or lawns periodically to identify their burrows.

There are several skunk repellent available in the market which can help you to get rid of them. Skunks are an easy-going animal which helps to keep your house free from insects, but their digging habit can also destroy your garden.

Keeping your trash inside, especially during the night, helps in avoiding skunks in your neighborhood. A combination of exclusion and prevention strategies could be of great help.

If you want to get rid of skunks, it is advisable to refer your local animal department or a wildlife expert.

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