How to Get Rid of Hickeys Fast? 10 Effective Ways 2024

Also known as a ‘love bite’, a hickey is common at moments of passion with your partner. It could be anywhere in your body, especially around the neck, which may often lead to embarrassment.

Most of us want to get rid of this purple-red bruise quickly, which resulted due to the ruptured blood vessels caused due to sucking aggressively or biting the skin as the surface breaks out.

There are thousands of passionate lovebirds around the world looking to get rid of this dark bruise instantly and look for quick treatments. If you are one of these, this article is for you.

How to Get Rid of Hickeys Fast?

Keep a scarf, turtleneck, or collar handy to cover the hickeys immediately. Concealer also does a great job, but not everyone is good at applying it artistically. The application of concealer may lead to quizzical looks, if not used properly, and may lead the people around you inquisitive.

how to get gid of Hickeys

There is no treatment available that can help you to get rid of a hickey overnight. It takes almost 1-2 days to heal the ruptured blood vessels and till then, covering them with a soft piece of cloth is an excellent way to hide them.

10 Treatments to Getting Rid of Hickeys Fast

Here are some of the recommended treatments which help you to get rid of hickeys fast:

1. Cold Compress

A hickey appears with some swelling due to a ruptured blood vessel. A cold compress brings the temperature down of the affected area and slows down the flow of blood into the skin from a vessel. Use an ice pack, a chilled spoon or a damped cloth dipped in chilled water to keep down the swelling. Compressing the hickey for 10 minutes with any of the prescribed options several times a day helps to treat it fast.

2. Pineapple

Enriched with bromelain, pineapple is effective in reducing soreness and pain. It also eases inflammation and swelling when applied to the skin. Take a slice of pineapple and apply it to the affected spot. It helps in getting rid of hickeys but looks for any irritation it causes. If you have highly sensitive skin, you are likely to get irritation as pineapples are highly acidic.

3. Boost the blood flow with a warm compress

Apply a cold compress for the first two days, followed by a hot compress to boost the blood flow. The hickey starts fading soon. From the third day, i.e. two days after the cold compress, start using the warm compress for 10 minutes several times a day.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera pulp is useful in reducing inflammation, pain, and skin swelling. Take out the fresh aloe vera pulp and apply it two times a day as a thin layer over the bruised area. Do not use it, if you feel some irritation or your skin is sensitive.

5. Topical vitamin C

Vitamin C maintains the elasticity of the skin by increasing collagen levels. The antioxidant property of Vitamin C speeds up the healing process. Applying a Vitamin C-enriched topical cream strengthens the skin tissues around the hickey and heals it faster. Include more citrus fruits and plant-based foods in your diet for faster recovery of a hickey.

6. Peppermint Oil

This essential oil contains menthol which boosts the blood stimulation in the blood vessels. Hence, it contributes to the healing of bruises and helps them vanish fast. You should dilute the peppermint essential oil in a carrier oil before applying it. Take 15 drops of career oil like jojoba oil or almond oil and three drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix them and massage gently on the hickey.

7. Topical Vitamin k

Vitamin K plays a vital role in clearing up bruises and speeding up the healing process of the skin. The blood clotting process of the body is primarily governed by Vitamin K. To reduce the visibility of hickey, apply a layer of Vitamin-K enriched topical cream. You can also include vitamin K supplements or foods enriched in vitamin K in your diet to recover the hickey fast.

8. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter is useful in smoothening scars and reducing wrinkles and stretch marks. It improves the appearance and elasticity of the skin. It is used in various skin treatments, and the hickey is one of them. A thick layer of cocoa butter at least two times a day can help you to get rid of a hickey fast.

9. Banana Peel Mask

The inside portion of a banana peel is rich in vitamins and minerals. Message it gently to the bruises for 30 minutes. Do this at least twice a day to fade the hickey quickly. As the skin receives essential nutrients and minerals from the banana peel, it speeds up the recovery process.

10. Over-the-counter mediation

Arnica is one of the highly prescribed over-the-counter medications to treat bruises effectively. Both oral and topical arnica are available easily. Use it as recommended by the physician or mentioned under the direction to use.


What is the fastest way to get rid of a hickey?

A cold compress is the best and fastest way to get rid of a hickey. Hold the cold compress-like ice pack closer to the bruise for three to five minutes at an interval of half an hour till the hickey vanishes.

How do you hide Hickey?

Smart make-up tricks are the best way to hide the hickey instantly. To negate the red-tome skin, a green concealer is the best deal. Use one shade lighter foundation than your skin tone on the hickey to conceal it naturally.

Is Hickey bad?

No, hickeys are not dangerous. These are just bruises that occur due to the sucking or light biting over the skin area. While people enjoy giving a hickey, it could be painful for the receiver.

How does toothpaste get rid of bruises?

Apply the toothpaste to the bruises and cover them with a bandage to avoid cloth staining overnight. Remove the bandage in the morning and wash the toothpaste. Repeat it for 2-3 nights to get visible results.


Healing a hickey overnight is not possible. However, you can try out some tricks like using a scarf or accessory to cover them in their initial days. Hickeys over the face can only be covered using concealer. Try out the recommended ways to speed up the healing process. Although all these methods are not foolproof, a few of them might work for you well. Yes, it takes only a few seconds to form a hickey, but healing takes at least 2-3 days as the tissue needs some time to repair and to be replaced with new cells. If you feel itching or irritation while trying any of the above recommendations, you should stop it right away. Consult the doctor, if the hickey does not heal within 4-5 days as most of the hickey vanishes within a few days of occurrence on their own. Remember, the hickey does not require any specific medical attention.

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