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How to Get Rid of a Fever in 24 Hours? The Best Guides

How to get rid of a fever in 24 hours? How can you break to the temperature?

If you want to care about your health and caring for has a cold. Check out some and essential tips which you can follow:

how to get rid of a fever in 24 hours
how to get rid of a fever in 24 hours
  • First, you should know that you do you have a fever or not? If you have a 38-degree temperature, it means you got a fever
  • Take rest
  • Drink water a lot
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take medicine to over from the fever
  • Concert to your doctor
  • Remove extra clothes
  • Alcohol, cold cube bath can be dangerous in a fever

But the question is how to get rid of a fever in 24 hours? So let’s go into the dip.

To learn about all the specific things and how to treat, the guideline to understanding the problem read continue.

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How to Get Rid of a Fever Fast?

Fever has different scenarios for different people like for adults high temperature are not comfortable but for baby is more than satisfied.

When you have a fever, may you feel or realise these symptoms:

Step1: How to get rid of a fever in 24 hours?

  • Blotting
  • Headache
  • sweating
  • rash
  • feeling weak
  • chills
  • muscle ache
  • nausea
  • loss of appetite

Talk to your doctor if the rash is a reason for fever because it can be much dangerous to other symptoms.

If you have symptoms like bloating, headache, body pain, weakness these all can control with the usual medication.

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how to get rid of a fever in 24 hours

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How to Get Rid of Fever Chills?

Cover yourself to light clothes or wear fewer clothes. Try to avoid heavy clothes and blankets.

If you wear heavy clothes, they can increase your body team return. Taking a cold shower can reduce fever. Drink more water and stay calm.

You can follow all things to get rid of fever chills. They all can trigger an episode of chills.

How to Get Rid of a Fever in 24 Hours?

Fever Remedies For Adults

If you have viral fever you can follow all remedies which are given below. They all will help you to get rid of fever easy and fast.

  • Drink juice
  • Soups
  • sport drinks
  • Decaffeinated tea
  • Broths
  • Get rest

Take Medications Which are Helpful in a Fever

If you take over the counter medication which is the best way to control the fever easy and very soon. After taking these they make you a little bit uncomfortable but they all are awesome.

  • aspirin
  • naproxen
  • acetaminophen (Tylenol )
  • ibuprofen (Mortin, Advil )

Before taking any medication especially OTC ( over-the-counter ) to keep safety in mind:

  • Never gives the child.
  • It can increase the risk of Reye’s Syndrome
  • Always read manufacturers recommendation. Don’t take more than that. Otherwise, problems can happen like- kidney problem, liver damage, or stomach bleeding
  • Before going to take any kind of medicine take advice to the doctor
  • Keep 24- hours difference when you take OTC

Fever Symptoms

As we shared above about symptoms, Like – headache, bloating, weakness, muscle pain etc. Let me tell more and exact signs of fever so you can figure out the problem fast and easy.

Symptoms of fever which are given below:

  • Headache
  • sweating
  • Muscle ache
  • Temperature greater than (100.4 F) 38 C in adults and baby
  • Tot skin
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Feeling faint
  • Eye pain
  • Loss of appetite

They all are fever symptoms if you find anyone of them talks to your doctor or take medicine.

How to Reduce Fever In Child Naturally?

Young children fall in ill because they don’t have a healthy immune system to fight toxic air and seasonal allergies.

Here are 5 natural ways to cure fever of a child:

  • Fruits popsicles

Children love to eat it, whether they are sick or not. Its called fruit popsicles. There is one thing when your child doesn’t eat foods while fever.

You can give them cold popsicles or iced popsicles which helps to the down the temperature of the body. You can make it at home and keep in a freeze. It has natural sugar which is perfectly fine for a child.

  • Apple cider bath

As we know, a cold bath is a natural way to reduce fever in children. Or take a warm shower is the best way to reduce temperature add a cup of apple cider vinegar to it. Apple cider makes a warm bath more effective when you add in a warm bath. It is the best natural remedies which have been using for a long time to reduce fever in children.

  • Feed them nourishing soup

The fever might make your children sweating a lot because of it lose essential minerals. Feed them nourishing soups which you can make at home. It is effortless the gives the energy to your child. It helps in digestion and more health benefits.


Give a probiotic supplement to your child to make a healthy immune system. A child doesn’t have a healthy immune system to fight with infection. Probiotic helps to compete with the disease.

  • Herbals tea

If your children don’t want to drink water, give the herbal tea. It is a great solution to cure fever in a child. The best thing is that herbal tea is very safe for a child.

If you are looking for the best natural remedies, herbal tea is the of them. Herbal tea has numbers of health benefits, and it keeps your child hydrated.

Natural Herbal Tea For Your Child Now

Sweating Out a Fever

Seating is one of the symptoms of fever. Try to the seat of the temperature.

You can follow some essential tips here which will make you comfortable in the heat.

When you seat in excitement, try to avoid heavy clothing, wear light clothes, take a cold shower, drink lots of water, and more.

They all are the perfect tips to get rid of seating in fever.

How to Break a Fever?

There are many remedies and medicine which help to you beat temperature easy and fast. Here is the answer of how to get rid of a fever in 24 hours? The first thing which you need to do check that does you have an illness or not if you have to take medicine and talk to your doctor.

  • Take medicine
  • drink a lot of water
  • take advice to your doctor before going to take any medicine
  • Drink soups
  • Avoid wearing heavy clothes

Bottom Line

Make sure before taking any medicine talk to your doctor.
Take remedies which we stared above.
Wear light clothes, so you don’t get sweat a lot.
Drink more water as much you can in a day minimum of 5 litres of water in a day.
Take rest while you have a fever.

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