How to Get Pregnant Fast with Irregular Period in 2020?

How to Get Pregnant Fast with Irregular Period

Is it possible to get pregnant with an irregular period? If yes, How to get pregnant fast with an irregular period?

Periods and pregnancy go hand in hand. With the right ovulation and regular cycle of menstruation. It is not difficult for the couple to plan pregnancy (in case if there are no other diseases).

However, due to hectic lifestyle, rapid phase of life, poor diet, lack of care on health, and a few other factors, many women suffer from an irregular period.

Pregnancy is the major phase of life likely to fall prey due to irregular periods.

Irregular period and trying to get pregnant may appear very difficult. Let us explore more about how to get pregnant fast with an irregular period.

How to get pregnant fast with irregular periods depends on the following elements:

  • Are your periods regularly irregular (to calculate the ovulation)
  • You must know the range of irregularity -How irregular your periods
  • How healthy you are otherwise (no health problems)
  • How active your sex life

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How to Get Pregnant Fast With An Irregular Period?

When you are sexually active during the ovulation period, you can get pregnant fast with an irregular period.

It is during the period of ovulation you can conceive. Irregular periods after marriage and chances of pregnancy increase, when you are sexually active during the ovulation phase.

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Irregular Periods And Trying to Get Pregnant 

Women who plan for a baby with an irregular period first should make-up their mind – irregular period and trying to get pregnant is likely to happen. It is slightly difficult for women with a regular period.

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What Makes The Difference?

Is your cycle irregular, which prevents you from conception? Knowing what is a regular period and the irregular period is important to know how to get pregnant fast with an irregular period.

Your period is irregular if it falls below 21 days every time and falls longer than 36 days every time. It is also called irregular when it significantly varies every month.

The regular period means a menstrual cycle of 28 days. It is considered the normal cycle. There are another few variations to a regular period.

  • Many women do not fall into the 28 days menstrual cycle. It is natural to get delayed or pre-pone by one to three days.
  • Many women tend to have a regular cycle of 32 days to 40 days, which is normal for that specific woman.
  • If you get the periods every 35 days, it is your regular or normal menstrual cycle.
  • Some women tend to have a regular cycle of fewer than 28 days, which is also normal if she is otherwise healthy.
  • The problem – irregular cycle that women cannot assess the ovulation cycle. Some days they get the cycle in 35 days, in some days it will be in 28 days and so!

It is easy to find the ovulation period in the first three scenarios and you can figure out how to get pregnant fast with an irregular period.

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If Your Period is Irregular Can You Still Get Pregnant?

The Changes Include

  • Women with an irregular period of less than 2 to 5 days are two times likely to get period over a certain period of time.
  • Women with regular periods are five times likely to get pregnant fast than women with 6 to 10 days cycle variation.

The above scenario implies that women with an irregular period can get pregnant. The only thing you should know, irregular periods make pregnancy difficult. It never means that you cannot conceive naturally.

Variation in the period is normal. A variation in the cycle that is regular doesn’t have a connection with infertility.

A Shorter or longer cycle which is invariably irregularly associated with infertility, which makes getting pregnant difficult.

What Are the Causes of an Irregular Cycle That Makes Pregnancy Difficult?

irregular periods and trying to get pregnant

Knowing the cause of irregular cycles is essential. It is essential to know to find a proper solution on how to get pregnant fast with an irregular period.

The causes directly or indirectly impact the fertility rate.

  • Stable irregularity means you are ovulating.
  • Unstable irregularity means your ovulation is questionable, which needs medical analysis.

In some cases, irregular periods are a sign of anovulation, where ovulation does not happen.

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Here Are The Few Causes of Irregular Periods That Delays Getting Pregnant:

This also gives answers to the women on irregular periods after marriage and chance of pregnancy.

1. Thyroid Imbalance

The thyroid is a major gland that secretes the hormones which regulate almost all major functions in the body.

Underactive or overactive thyroid gland (lack of thyroid hormones / excessive thyroid hormones) affects the body’s metabolism, hormones, functions, and causes a lot of dysfunctions both physically and emotionally.

2. PCOS – Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

This is one of the major causes of an irregular period, which directly affects pregnancy.

PCOS is closely linked to infertility. However, do not generalize it. Not every woman with PCOS prone to infertility. PCOS delays the progeny. Besides, it also causes irregular periods affecting ovulation.

3. Ovarian Insufficiency

Premature Ovarian Failure or Primary Ovarian Insufficiency leads to irregular periods or absence of periods.

It means you don’t have healthy eggs for normal ovulation. Low estrogen affects the quality of eggs.

4. Hyperprolactinemia

Prolactin is a hormone that a woman’s body secretes during breastfeeding. It stimulates the breasts for production of breast milk.

Abnormal secretion of prolactin when a woman is not pregnant causes irregular cycle. There is connectivity that secretion of prolactin in feeding mothers postpones the periods.

Other causes you must look into irregular periods include,

  • Excessive exercises
  • Underweight and malnourished
  • Overweight or obesity

How to Tell When You are Ovulating With an Irregular Period?

Whether your periods are regular or irregular, it is important to know when you are ovulating with an irregular period. It is like an irregular period and a pregnancy calculator.

Track your ovulation period to optimize the sexual activity. You can track ovulation with

  • Identifying the symptoms/changes you undergo  every now and then (naturally)
  • Ovulation prediction kits
  • Fertility monitors

If you learn to identify your ovulation period, you get an answer for how to confirm pregnancy for irregular periods.

Treatments And Solution

There are many medicines and treatments available to regulate your periods, which help you get pregnant fast with irregular periods.

  • Identification of the cause of irregular periods and prescription hormone supplements, drugs and medicines help to regulate period and ovulation.
  • Some drugs are administered in the form of injection too.
  • Lifestyle changes help better to conceive fast

Lose weight – the solution to forgo irregular periods after marriage and chances of pregnancy increases

The easy solution to how to get pregnant fast with an irregular period is weight loss and following a healthy diet.

Losing weight can bring miraculous changes in your body and mind. If obese women lose from 5 kgs to 10% of their weight, the ovulation becomes normal!

Frequent Sex

Healthy sex life and frequent sexual activity help you get pregnant fast with irregular periods.

When you cannot identify your ovulation period, when you are unsure of the phase of the menstrual cycle, and you want to go natural solutions, make sure your sexual activity is frequent.

Nothing can assure you getting pregnant but frequent sex.

You can forgo ovulation test, ovulation tracking, delayed periods and whatever! Have frequent sex and it increases the chances of getting pregnant fast.

Say no to ‘Sex for Pregnancy’ – Sex for pregnancy is something worst! It induces a lot of stress on the couple.

Do not indulge in the sexual act for the sake of pregnancy. You just focus on enhancing the sexual activities, frequently, all month long.

When you have sex four times a week, you need not worry about missing out the ovulation phase.


If you have irregular periods, you have to seek assistance from gynecologists. Although irregular periods can be very normal without any abnormality, even if you do not try for conception, you can have a word with your doctor.

Ovulation problems have very good success rates in treatment. Making small changes in your life from diet to sex life can dramatically increase the chances of getting pregnant fast with irregular periods.

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