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How to Cure Breast Lump Naturally? The 7 Best Ways

How to Cure Breast Lump Naturally

I remember when one of my friend’s wife got a breast lump. They had no idea How to Cure Breast Lump Naturally? And this leads to the beginning of an ordeal for them. Fortunately, they met a doctor who shared some crucial pieces of advice with them on this issue.

Gradually, she got rid of the pain and today she is living a healthy life. If you are also looking for some reliable ways on How to Cure Breast Lump Naturally, this article is for you!

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to Cure Breast Lump naturally to get rid of pain and discomfort.

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What is Breast Lump?

If you notice some mass developed in the breast, it could be a breast lump. It is generally large with swelling, pain, and itching. Most of these breast lumps are non-cancerous and are not realized until a physical exam is conducted.

To confirm, whether a mass is a breast lump, doctor generally advice for breast ultrasound and mammogram

What are the Symptoms of Breast Lump?

Even you can check if there is a breast lump on your breast. To do so, here are some of the symptoms associated with breast lump:

  • Consistent pain in your breast between the monthly periods
  • Increase in lump size between the monthly period
  • Redness around the breast
  • A Lump or Swelling around the collarbone or armpit
  • A Change in the Size or Shape of One or Both of Your Breasts
  • Skin Irritation
  • Itchiness
  • Any change in the nipple’s shape
  • A clear, brown, yellow or red discharge from one breast

Consult a doctor if you are experiencing one or more than the symptoms above. Seeking advice from a medical practitioner will get you the required medical assistance.

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What Is The Difference Between A Lump And Cancer?

types of breast lump
How to Cure Breast Lump Naturally

A hard lump with inconsistent edges could be cancerous, indicating breast cancer. If you are experiencing some of the symptoms below, it could be a sign of breast cancer:

  • Enlargement of one breast
  • Visible veins on the breast
  • Unintentional weight loss
  • Dimpling on the Skin of Your Breasts
  • The lump is getting bigger day by day
  • Vaginal Pain
  • Rashes on the Breast or around the nipples
  • Inward turning or retraction of the nipples
  • Enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit

These indicators do not necessarily mean breast cancer and are subject to be checked with a medical practitioner before starting any treatment. A discharge from the nipples could be due to infection. Similarly, vaginal pain could be due to some infection in the vagina.

It is important to undergo a complete evaluation to determine if the root-cause is breast cancer or any other health issue.

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What Is The Difference Between A Breast Lump And Breast Cyst?

A breast cyst is a common type of breast lump where the fluid-filled sacs form the lump appears like a water-filled balloon or grape. These are even non-cancerous in the beginning. A simple cyst is fluid-filled while a complex cyst contains the solid element along with fluid.

A biopsy test is required to determine if the complex cyst is cancerous or not.

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What Causes Breast Lumps?

Some of the common causes of breast lumps are as follows:

  • Fat necrosis
  • Infection
  • Fibroadenoma
  • Formation of cyst
  • fibrocystic breasts
  • Fat
  • Trauma

A breast lump can occur both in men and women but chances of these breast lumps are higher in females.

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What Are The Various Types Of Breast Lumps?

Here are the different types of Breast lumps which one may suffer:

  • Plugged milk ducts: These are small, hard, and nodules type of lumps which go way in a few days. No treatment is required for them.
  • Fibroadenoma: It is a common and very beginning breast problem. Also known as Benign, It often develops in young women due to malnutrition.
  • Breast abscesses: It is a kind of infection causing pus in your breast. It becomes a serious issue with the passing time if ignored.
  • Breast cysts: Breast cysts can be hard or smooth. It is a fluid-filled sac inside the breast which can become harder with the development of solid elements over the period.
  • Breast Cancer: Breast cancer leads to a hard and painful lump.

What is Breast Lump Treatment?

There are many treatments available in the world. Some of the best and easy treatments for breast lumps are:

Home Treatment For Painful Lump:

  1. Heat treatment: Just put a wet cloth or towel into a microwave for heat. Use it for relief from the breast lump.
  2. Hot shower: Have a hot shower every day. Maybe you will feel better and relieved. It is the best home treatment.
  3. Well, Fitting Support Bra: Well-fitting support bra gives good support to your breast and adds comfort to you.
  4. Massaging With Massage Oil: Massage with massage oil can relieve pain in your breast.
  5. Painkillers: Painkillers are a temporary treatment for getting relief when the pain is high and intolerable.
  6. A low-fat diet: Eat a low-fat diet. Green and leafy vegetables help you to remain fit and healthy. It is also useful in treating breast lumps.

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What Should I do To Control My Breast Lump?

Here are some tips to control your breast lump:

  • Avoiding Dairy Product:
  • Reduce Salt Intake

What Are The Various Medicines For Breast Lump?

If you are not getting rid of breast lump through by home treatment, medicine is the best way out:

  • Danazol: It is suitable for a breast problem. If you feel pain or getting pain in your breast lump, danazol will reduce it. It helps you get relief in your breast lump.
  • Gestrinone: This medicine used for many serious diseases like heavy menstrual blooding, uterine fibroids, breast diseases, and more. Gestrinone will give you relaxation at the time of pain in breasts. It is good for lump as well. It has been investigated in birth control.
  • Bromocriptine: The medicine works in breast disease. If you have lumps in your breast and facing the hormones problems. Then choose it for high levels of hormones and production of breast milk.
  • Goserelin: It products cancer and breast problems. The medicine is responsible for producing sex hormones. But the main work of it keeps saving from cancer and breast diseases.

A word of Caution: Before taking any medicine, take a bit of advice to the doctor.

What is The Various Surgical Treatment For Breast Lumps?

Depending on the type of breast lump, the following are some of the surgical operations available:

  1. Breast Cysts
  2. Being Breast Lump
  3. Fibroadenoma Treatment
  4. Breast Abscesses ( CUT)
  5. Fine-needle aspiration
  6. Fine needle aspiration is a type of biopsy procedure. In fine needle aspiration, a thin needle is inserted into an area of abnormal-appearing tissue or body fluid.

How Do I Keep My Breasts Healthy?

Here are some of the tips to keep your breast healthy:

  • Once you turn on 20 (age), ask your doctor for required a breast exam or test.
  • Always keep the skin around the breast area clean to avoid any kind of itchiness.
  • You should undertake clinical the breast exam every 1-2 years. You can take mammograms once you get older. But it best to talk to your doctor.
  • The expected age for breast cysts is after 65 years. However, it can be started at any age.
  • Eat well and do some exercise to keep yourself healthy and fit.

What will Happen At My Appointment With Doctor?

Answer all the concerns of a doctor related to your disease. Explain the exact problem and help him to diagnose correctly. You may require to undertake an ultrasound test or biopsy to determine the type of breast lump.


A breast lump is an indication of the beginning of a health issue. You should never ignore it as it may become more painful and cancerous over the period. It is highly recommended to seek the advice of a medical practitioner to treat the breast lump shortly.

I hope you like the article “How to Cure Breast Lump Naturally.” Share it with your friends and family members. Thank you so much for reading. For more health information, visit our website – gohealthline.com.

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