How Much Fiber Per Day Do I need to Stay Healthy?

Given the increasingly health-conscious nature of Western, and frequently of Global society, many people ask the cardinal question. 

This is, “How much fiber per day (do I need to eat) to stay healthy?” Though the answer to this essential yet crucial question seems obvious, it is not. 

How Much Fiber Per
How Much Fiber Per

This article will attempt to answer this question by using the latest research-based information to do so!

Why do I even need to eat Fiber every day?

In a society that is increasingly being characterized and driven by a taste and for high fat, low fiber junk, and fast food which is filling and delicious, many people ask. “Why do I even need to eat fiber every day?” And how much Fiber per day?

You may have even asked this question. The answer is, “You need to eat high-fiber foods every day because it is good for your health and helps you live a much longer and healthier life!”  

According to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the average woman should be eating a total of 25 grams of fiber in her daily diet. 

If the woman is over 50, she only needs 21 grams of fiber per day. The average man needs 38 grams of fiber in his daily diet.

How much Fiber per day for men and women?

  • 21 grams of fiber per day for a woman
  • an average woman should be eating a total of 25 grams of fiber in her daily diet
  • the man is over 50, he only needs 50 grams of fiber

Once again, if the man is over 50, he only needs 50 grams of fiber in his daily diet.  

How Eating Fiber Can Help You?

Believe it or not, eating a diet consisting of foods that are high in dietary fiber can actually help you lose weight and attain that much desired ‘lean and sculpted look.’ 

How Much Fiber Per
How Much Fiber Per

This is because dietary fiber has lots of mass in it. It, therefore, fills you up faster and makes you feel fuller longer. You eat much less often during the day and you eat much fewer quantities of food when you do eat. You end up eating fewer calories and consuming much less fat.

If you remember that one gram of fat has 9 calories, you are eating far fewer calories in general.

Combine this with a daily regimen that is loaded with moderate to intense exercises of various kinds (brisk walking for 30 minutes a day is considered to be intense exercise) and you have the perfect recipe for rapid weight loss

You will also tone your body in the process!

Fibre Changes The Way Your GI Functions

Remember the time immemorial phrase, “You are what you eat?” This is very true. If you eat foods that are rich in fiber like apples, spinach, and avocados, you are not only consuming lots of fiber every day, but you are also consuming copious quantities of other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body needs to function at its best. 

Yes, fiber does indeed affect the way your body functions and operates, and for the better. How much Fiber per day to stay healthy?

Did you know that consuming foods that are high in fiber every day can actually change and dramatically improve the way your gastrointestinal and digestive systems operate and function on a regular basis? You may not have.

The next section will explain how and why this occurs.

How Does This Work?

Our guts have a natural balance of certain bacteria. Eating foods that are rich in fiber actually feeds this bacteria and makes it stronger and more functional. 

That is, eating lots of fiber will feed and strengthen this bacteria and make it better able to digest and process the foods which you eat daily. 

You will find that you have far less constipation and belly pain. You will also have regular and painless bowel movements.

Why This Works And Why This Is Beneficial For You?

Furthermore, when this bacteria (which is known as microbes) is well-fed and healthy, it thrives. 

It reproduces rapidly in your stomach and gut. This, in turn, makes both better able to digest, extract vital nutrients out of the food that you do eat, and process the waste products. 

You end up feeling much healthier, happier, and stronger as a result. This makes the mucus walls in our stomachs and guts stronger and thicker.

They are better able to absorb the caustic effects of hydrochloric acid (contained in the stomach), and bile (contained in the liver) needed to break down and digest the foods which we eat. 

On an interesting note, the highly acidic nature of hydrochloric acids in your stomach keeps it from easily getting parasitic and other infections that may arise from the foods you eat regularly.

This is especially true if you eat a lot of raw vegetables, and uncooked and cooked meats and fish of any kind.

Learn about high fiber foods and healthy which helps you to stay healthy and stay happy.

Did You Know That Eating High Fiber Foods Will Help You Live Longer?

Yes, it’s true that eating lots of high fiber foods will indeed help you live a much longer and healthier life than you otherwise would. 

This is because fiber changes the bacteria in your gut for the better. It is better able to break down and use the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in the foods you regularly eat. 

How Much Fiber in An Apple

Are you looking for apple nutrition and want to know how much fiber in an apple? You have reached the right place.

Check out the table which is below:

1- medium apple has this all nutrition which is given below

Food Nutrition Fact Quantity
APPLE Fiber 4.4g (dietary fiber)
APPLE Calories 95
APPLE Fat 0.3g

This is true even if you do eat a lot of junk and fast foods. Your body then uses these nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for optimal cell function.

These vitamins, nutrients, and minerals are also used to repair cells and organ tissue that may be damaged by the environment, metabolic, or daily operating functions. 

Your entire body functions much better as a result since your entire body is really a complex operating ‘organic machine.

Indeed, a study done in the 1960s of Ugandans who regularly ate a diet full of healthy foods that were high in fiber revealed that they lived much longer than their European and American counterparts at the time.

Furthermore, the findings of the study revealed that the Ugandans lived much longer as well.

Now that you know…

Now that you know how much fiber per day you should be eating, and why you should be eating high fiber foods more often, it’s time to drink that high fiber yet delicious apple and strawberry smoothie.

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