How Much Calcium a Day We Need?

How Much Calcium a Day We Need Daily?

It is important to know that, how much calcium a day? People do not know, what should be the correct calcium intake? What are the benefits of it? Which healthy foods we should eat to get calcium?

There are lots of questions arise. Why calcium is important? why we need it? How much calcium a day we need?

So let me tell you. why calcium is important for our body? Here I will touch some points to know the importance of calcium.

  • Our body needs calcium to maintain and make bones strong
  • Calcium is good for hair. It makes hair strong and helps in growth
  • Our heart and nerves need calcium to function properly
  • It fights against cancer
  • It helps in diabetes and high blood pressure

There are many benefits of calcium, which we will learn further. To know more keep reading.

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What is Calcium?

Calcium is important for the human body. There are many benefits of it like- It controls heartbeat and helps to make muscles, bones, teeth stronger.

The main work of calcium is to maintain the human body and protect too many diseases like- diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and more.

Daily Calcium Requirement by Age

If you know, what is your age and how much calcium a day? So it can be a great help for your health.

Here I will share the calcium details by age categories.

CategoriesAgeDaily Calcium
Men19-501000 mg
Women25-501000 mg
Adults18-251000- 1,200 mg
  • A woman can take a minimum of 1000 mg calcium and maximum 1,200 mg per day.
  • Men can also take 1000 mg to 1,200 mg according to age. Like if your age is 50 so you can take 1000-1200 mg calcium per/day.
  • Calcium for adults 1200 mg per/day

So that is all about daily basis calcium you can take according your age.

Now, what should be the daily requirement for children or kids’ health? Is it important to know?

I would say yes!

So let’s go! to know how much calcium a day for children needs on a daily basis?

How Much Calcium Children Need on a Daily Basis?

Here is an important part of children’s life. If you really want to see your kids healthy and strong so fulfill their calcium needs.

To make healthy or strong their bones and teeth than it is necessary to know that, (how much calcium a day) children need?

lets have a look! follow the table, which is given below.

AgeCalcium to need per/day
14 – 18 years1000-1,300 mg/day
9-13 years1000 – 1300 mg/day
4-8 years1000 mg/day
1-3 years700 mg/day

So you can follow this table according to your children’s age. Make sure you know the age of your children.

How Much Calcium is Too Much?

How much calcium is too much? Women can take (safe) upper 2, 500 mg per day, but age 51 – 70. Now the question is that, is it safe then yes. It is safe.

What about a man how much calcium is too much for man?

Men can take (safe) 2000- 2,500 mg calcium. It is totally safe. If I talk about age by then age should 19-70.

What are The Benefits of Calcium?

It is necessary to know about calcium that what are the benefits?

What are the advantages we can take?

Let me tell you there are many ways to get calcium through foods, fruits, juice, and more. Here I will only touch some important points, which is very important to know.

Top 7 benefits of calcium, which is important to know

  1. It makes our body strong and gives the energy to stay healthy
  2. it makes our bones and teeth strong, which most important parts of the body as we all know
  3. calcium maintains a heartbeat and gives good health
  4. calcium helps to maintain breadth and muscles
  5. it helps to protect cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure
  6. It is good to stay healthy and energetic
  7. It helps to grow our hair and control hair fall

Here more benefits, I would say there so many benefits or advantage of calcium.

It controls our overall body, beneficial for skin, nails, eyes, and more.

Top 7 Calcium Foods and Calcium Fruits

Know more about calcium and get rich food to complete your calcium need. So here I going to talk about healthy foods, which are rich in calcium.

  1. Seeds
  2. Beans
  3. Yogurt
  4. Salmon
  5. Cheese
  6. Almonds
  7. Milk

So they all are top foods to get more calcium. Eats less and gets more calcium from the foods, which are given above.


  • Edamame
  • Tufo
  • Rhubarb
  • Lentil
  • Green leaf
  • Green vegetables
  • Whey protein
  • Soybean

I hope you like the foods which are given above. They are rich in calcium. If you really want to maintain your body use all foods.

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