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How Many Calories Should I Eat to Gain Weight?

How many calories should I eat to gain weight? Don’t you know, no problem and now you have reached the right place.

So here I will discuss how many calories we should eat in a day. It is an essential thing to know. How to gain weight?


Most of the people search on Google that how to gain weight? And even don’t know what need to do to gain weight.

What are the best diet plan, workout, and right steps? So let’s go to check calories.

How to Gain Weight?

  • Eat a high energy diet or food
  • Take snacks, you can make the time to take snacks
  • Try to avoid low energy products and don’t use
  • Do workout every single day to gain weight

Benefits of the high-calorie diet Or calories in food

How Many Calories Should I Eat to Gain Weight?

Take high calories to gain weight, because a high calory diet is a high calory.

It will give you 500 calories, which you need to gain weight or muscle fast and easy.

The high-calorie diet makes it possible to:

  • Take high energy foods
  • You can avoid low energy foods
  • Increase calories intake but don’t increase the volume of the meal
  • Add some snacks to gain muscle
  • Do exercise to increase physical activity

How Many Calories Should I Eat to Gain muscle?

So the question is how many calories people need to gain weight fast? On average a person needs 500 calories to gain weight fast and easy.

You can take 500 g per week. But it is not a miracle solution. It can take some time. But take the right diet, exercise, and a great plan to gain muscle fast.

You can do some of our personal things (tips and guide) to gain weight fast.

  • Make a good diet plan
  • Do work out every day, try to lift the high weight
  • You can eat healthy foods only like- Oats, meats, fishes, chicken ( try to eat chicken, first boil the chicken and eat only 1- months and check the result)
  • You should eat fruits like Banana ( eat 6- banana every day), Apple, watermelon, and more
  • Eat green vegetables like- Brocolli, cabbage, Potatoes, Avocado, sweet corns, Beans, and more
  • Eat Rice ( It is a great plan to gain weight eat rice every day)

So they are some of our personal tips and guides to gain weight fast and easy.

Just follow them only for one month and see the changes.

Food Calorie Calculator

Food calorie calculator: Click on the link to check calorie

Foods You Should Eat Gain Weight

Add foods to your meal plan which are rich in calories to gain weight. Here I will tell you, which are the good foods or rich in calories.

You can follow them. They can help you to gain more calories. Try to gain weight without increasing meals.

So here I share some nutritional plan to implement as part of a high-calorie diet.

High energy density foods – How many calories should I ee at to gain weight?

An energy density of food will tell you the numbers of calories. Here you will get to know influenced by the water, fibre, sugar, fats, and food.

Water and fiver decrease the numbers of energy density but fat and sugar increase it.

For people trying to gain weight, it is essential to choose foods with high energy density

So here is a table of foods with rich energy density with a high-calorie diet.

Foods categoriesFoods to eat
FruitsDried fruits
Fruit nectar
Canned fruit
Cereals productsBread
Walnut, olive or cheese bread
Cereal bars
Milk and substitutesCheese
Whole milk yogurts
Whole milk
Cream cheese
Soy yogurt
Meats and substitutesFat fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, etc.)
Poultry thighs
OtherOleaginous butter
Vegetal oils
Biscuits and homemade cakes

It is Important to Take Attention to Eat The Meal

It is important to take attention to eat a meal. You can pay attention to small details, which are giving below. Read carefully and try to apply in your daily routine. They all will help you to gain weight

  • Make a nice and beautiful table of great foods
  • You can eat outside as well like biriyani
  • Make colourful or colour your diet to add some salad and spices
  • Don’t eat food which you make unhappy
  • Take a meal with your family, friends, and who you like
  • Take some rest before having a dinner
  • Start your meal with a glass of juice of (lemon, tomato, orange,
  • Do light exercise or you can walk before having a meal

Increase Calorie Intake Without Increasing The Volume

Here I want to share some tips and guides to people who have difficulty to eat more foods.

You can gain weight without increasing your diets or foods. Here are so many people who don’t want to eat more. So let’s go

If you want to make high-calorie food, so here are some tips and tricks: How many calories should I eat to gain weight?

  • Add fatty thighs after cooking food. Like salad, juice, soups etc
  • Eat meats, fish, eggs, and chicken breast
  • Add cheese, salad, nuts, and avocados
  • Eat nuts and dried fruits
  • Add pasta, vegetables, and soups
  • Eat egg yolk. It will help you to gain weight fast
  • Add honey
  • Instead of water drink milk or juice
  • You can add cream to dishes: or add in soups, fruit salads, yogurts, etc.

Integrate Snacks

In addition to high-calorie meals, you need to add some snacks to crack your daily calorie intake.

You can try snacks for 500 calories or some small snacks at 250 calories.

Here are some recommended snacks you can take or increase calorie intake.

Here are some examples of 500 calorie snack:

  • 5- dried dates and a big handful of nuts
  • 40-50g of cheese, 3 rusks and a small handful of almonds
  • A piece of raisin cake, a glass of milk and some nuts
  • A cup of full cream milk
  • Boil chicken and cheese sandwich with mayonnaise

Great examples of 250 calorie snack:

  • 3 slices of peanut butter bread
  • 2 whole yogurt with fruits and a handful of raisins
  • 2 bowl of whole milk chocolate
  • Food supplement bought in a pharmacy
  • 30g mixed nuts and nuts

Do Moderate Physical Activity

Do physical activity every day. It is the best way to gain weight without gaining extra fat. So you can burn some calories to gain muscle.

Try swimming, skiing, brisk, walking, etc. without the physical activity weight gain is likely to be in fat only. It is harmful to health.

Here are other recommended foods: How many calories should I eat to gain weight?

  • You can add to your diet- Milk and Whole Dairy
  • Food supplements ( add some food supplements)
  • Drink all day instead of water – Juices, soups and liquid foods that concentrate calories

Foods to Avoid When You Have a Fast Metabolism

If you really want to gain weight. You need to avoid some foods and bad eating habits.

Try to avoid low-calorie foods instead of it add high-calorie foods, which will help you to gain weight.

Low calories foods or low-density foods

If you eat low-density foods. They will store your stomach but provide you with very little calories.

So I would say try to avoid low calories foods. It is good for people who don’t want to eat more food or have difficulty to eat more foods.

Take high-quality foods, which will provide you with high calorie to gain weight.

You can check some foods to avoid in a high-calorie diet:

  • You should avoid – Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Don’t add or try to avoid- Milk and skim milk
  • White-fish ( do not eat it )
  • Avoid- Poultry white without skin

Add some fruits after having a meal, which will give a great boost to gain weight. Fruits will not store more space of your stomach. It is good for you and for your health as well.

Lightened Products ( Check-out )

Lightened products have low-calorie, which is not good for gaining weight fast.

So avoid all low-calorie products, when you want to gain weight. They are good for weight loss but not for gaining weight.

Examples of lightweight products to avoid:

  • You must avoid -Skimmedyogurtt and 0%
  • Avoid- Skimmed milk
  • You can avoid- Cream with 15% fat
  • Must to avoid it- Sodas light
  • Avoid it- Lightened cheese
Avoid drinking during meals

Always remember don’t drink during meals. It is not saturating the stomach. But it is necessary to maintain good hydration by drinking 1.5 litres of water during or between meal.

Other foods not recommended:

  • It is not recommended – Industrial foods
  • Not recommended- sweet things
  • Also not recommended – Dishes made from vegetable broth
  • Not recommended -Soft drinks
  • Highly fibrous foods

How to Gain Weight? Some Practical Tips on Everyday Life

  • Take high-calorie
  • Avoid low-calorie
  • Eat fruits like – Banana, mango, apple, etc.
  • Eat rice, fish, meats, eggs, boil chicken
  • Do physical activity every day- like the warm-up, push-up, walking, swimming, etc.
  • Drink juice instead of water

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