How Many Calories in Steak 2021 – A Healthy Way to Weight Loss

When it comes to Steak, who wants to give it a miss? But when you are on strict dieting, you might be striving hard to skip a steak. But do you know, Steak is one of the best foods for weight loss and health if appropriately prepared? Amazed? Now you must be wondering how many calories in Steak?

Let us discuss some of the amazing nutrition facts about Steak and what makes it a healthy choice.

How Many Calories in Steak 2021?

How many calories in Steak

Nutritional Facts

Every 3 ounces of beef tenderloin steak contains the following nutrition when prepared without adding fat or salt:

  • Sugar: 0g
  • Calories: 179g
  • Protein: 26g
  • Sodium: 48mg
  • Fiber: 0g
  • Carbohydrates: 0g

While the typical servings of the Steak could be four ounces or even eight ounces, a T-bone steak stands at whopping 16 ounces. If you choose a three-ounce serving of top sirloin, it contains 158 calories, zero carbs, 26g of protein, and around 5g of fat.

A T-bone steak delivers 704 calories with 30g of fat, 102g of protein, and 12g of saturated fat. Filet mignon is usually a lean and small variety of Steak with a lower fat and calorie content.

In restaurants, often, butter is used to accentuate its flavor, but you can cook it without fat to make it healthy for your weight loss journey.

Incredible Health Benefits You Can Derive From Steak

How many calories in Steak
How many calories in Steak

A healthy diet focus on including the right amount of protein. As Steak is an excellent source of protein, it makes you feel fuller for a longer time, maintains a healthy metabolism, and builds muscle mass. It is loaded with zinc, vitamin B12, selenium, and niacin.

But it is high in cholesterol and saturated fat as well. The recommended daily intake of saturated fat should not more than 5-7 percent of the total calorie intake. So, roughly if your calorie intake is 2000, the consumption of saturated fat should not exceed 10g to 14g a day.

Few diet plans even stress to include saturated fat lesser than this recommended plan.

So, how to choose a good steak that falls under weight-loss guidelines?

In anticipation of maintaining a healthy weight, you can replace the red meat with a high-quality steak or maybe ground meat. It is essential to look for cuts with the lowest amount of visible fat. Filet mignon, top sirloin, and beef tenderloin are some of the leanest cuts.

You can derive 10g of fat and 220 calories with a 5-ounce serving of Filet mignon. It is essential that your Steak is fresh and cold at the time of purchase and should be refrigerated soon to preserve its nutritional value.

The cooking temperature varies with the variety of Steak. While rare Steak needs 145 degrees Fahrenheit, the medium Steak should be cooked at 160 degrees Fahrenheit and well-done Steak to done at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Tips to Make a Healthy Steak

How many calories in Steak

To eat a steak, it is essential to keep a check on the calories and fat by using a suitable preparation method. Here are some of the healthy cooking tips for a steak:

Prefer a lean cooking method like a grill, broil, or roast to avoid any additional fat content in it.

There must be portion control. The recommended single serving is only fo 3 ounces.

Part away any visible fat before cooking. You can request the butcher to remove the fat or choose steaks that come without fat.

Here are some of the quick recipes for cooking a delicious steak:

1. Flank Steak with Goat Cheese

Roll the Steak in ¼ inches thickness each. Sprinkle some garlic powder as well as salt on one side. Spread goat cheese in the middle of it. Top it up with arugula and peppers. Tuck the filling in by rolling the Steak carefully. Cut it into 2″ pieces. Take two spoons of oil in a pan and heat it. Put the steak pieces and cook it till it turns golden brown. Now, bake it in a preheated oven at 425°F.

2. Tomato Sauce Dipped Steak

Remove the fat before cooking the Steak on medium heat in a large skillet. Add 2-3 onions, pepper, tapioca, and dried thyme in a slow cooker. Then add tomatoes to it and top it up with Steak. Now cook it on high flame with covered vessels for 4-5 hours. Cut the meat into small pieces and serve with the tangy sauce.

3. Tropical Fiesta Steak

Take nectar, dried mint, chopped green onion, spicy brown mustard oil, hot pepper sauce, lemon juice, and salt. Mix all the ingredients to make a marinade. Take out ¼ potion of marinade and freeze it. Take a plastic bag and place the Steak in it. Pour the left-over marinade and seal the bag. Now turn the bag upside down to coat the Steak reasonably.

Refrigerate the marinated Steak for 12-24 hours by turning the plastic bag occasionally. To prepare a fruit relish, mix sweet pepper, celery, green onions, apple, and mango in a small bowl. After 244 hrs of steak marination, take out the Steak and discard the marinade.

Now grill the streak for 14-18 minutes by twisting it occasionally. Once done, cut it into small pieces and serve with fruit relish. Don’t forget to drizzle Steak with refrigerated marinate.

While eating red meat under strict diet control is still controversial, the proven health benefits of red meat cannot be ignored. Enjoying beef in moderation is not a dietary sin. And if cooking methods are smart enough, a steak can be a healthier option too.

Protein and fat are the primary forms of calories in Steak, making it an ideal food to include in your weight loss journey. But you need to keep a check on the amount of fat you are including in your diet and trim the visible excess fat.

So, it’s time to enjoy a delightful steak without the worry of putting on weight! I hope you like the post about “How many calories in Steak.”

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