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Do you know How Many Calories Are in an Egg white? What came first? The egg or the chicken? Well, you may have found the proven answer. The Second big query that revolves around an egg is how many calories in Fried egg calories.

how many calories in an egg white

Check Quick Description About Egg Calories:

  • A Jumbo egg measuring about 63 grams has 90 calories,
  • An extra-large egg weighing approximately 56 grams contains 80 calories.
  • A large raw egg of about 50 grams will have about 72 calories.
  • Medium-sized eggs have 63 calories
  • While a small egg contains 54 calories.

What do you eat, egg white, egg yolk, or the whole egg? This is the next popular debate around eating an egg. An Egg is a healthy choice of food and packed with proteins.

As stated above, if you count on calories, you must know about egg yolk calories. So, do you really know how many calories are in an egg white? Well, this is very important for the diet-conscious population.

Let us see more information about the whole egg facts, egg yolk calories, and many more about the egg!

How Many Calories in an Egg White?

How Many Calories in An Egg?


There are many specific reasons you can eat eggs. It is a protein-rich food. Weight Watchers, fitness enthusiasts, runners, sportspeople, etc prefer to eat more eggs being the rich source of protein.

In other cases, it is natural to include an egg or two in the diet every day as a source of protein. Even it is a good food to burn belly fat.

Of course, you can cook an egg in a versatile manner, and make a delicious recipe. Remember, too much of anything can be toxic. It applies to eggs. Hence, it is essential to know how many calories in one egg white.

How many calories in an egg white – 52 calories in 100-gram raw egg white.

Why People Prefer Egg Whites Than Egg Yolks?

While whole eggs are nutritious, why do people prefer egg whites? The main reason is the fat and cholesterol content.

You cannot eat more than two whole eggs, in any form per day. Eating more than two eggs can transform your lipid profile.

How Many Calories in an Egg white

Egg White Calories:

  • You can substitute egg whites for whole eggs. A health-conscious diet or food habit generally avoids taking high-calorie foods.
  • Egg white is a low-calorie protein-rich and zeroes fat food. It makes a suitable, nutritionally rich (especially proteins) and zeroes fat replacement for whole eggs and any similar protein foods.
  • Egg white contains a high amount of albumin, a form of protein. It is a bulk of protein.
  • When you look into the density of the nutrients, you would forgo the question, how many calories in an egg white!
  • One egg white contains 17 calories, which is a meager amount even for a highly health-conscious dieter. You get the dose of protein, sodium, folate, selenium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium.

Egg Yolk Calories:

  • Egg yolks contain cholesterol and fats. It also has the saturated fat of the eggs.
  • However, we shouldn’t overlook the important fact cholesterol is also one of the nutrients, and eggs contain the essential fatty acids.
  • Egg yolk contains 55 calories, 4.5 grams fat, 1.6 grams saturated fat, 210 mg cholesterol, and 2.7 grams protein.

Egg Nutritional Facts along with 1 Egg White Nutritional Facts

Nutrient Egg White Nutritional Facts Egg Yolk Nutritional Facts Total % in Egg White Total % in Egg Yolk
Protein 3.6 g 2.7g 57% 43%
Fat 0.05g 4.5g 1% 99%
Sodium 54.8 mg 8.2 mg 87% 13%
Calcium 2.3 mg 21.9 mg 9.50% 90.50%
Potassium 53.8 mg 18.5 mg 74.40% 25.60%
Iron 0.03 mg 0.4 mg 6.20% 93.80%
Phosphorus 5 mg 66.3 mg 7% 93%
Zinc 0.01 mg 0.4 mg 0.20% 99.80%
Manganese 0.004 mg 0.009 mg 30.80% 69.20%
Copper 0.008 mg 0.013 mg 38% 62%
Riboflavin 0.145 mg 0.09 mg 61.70% 48.30%
Selenium 6.6 mcg 9.5 mcg 41% 59%
Thiamin 0.01 mg 0.03 mg 3.20% 96.80%
Magnesium 3.6 mg 0.85 mg 80.80% 19.20%
Niacin 0.035 mg 0.004 mg 89.70% 9.30%
Pantothenic acid. 0.63 mg 0.51 mg 11% 89%
Folate 1.3 mcg 24.8 mcg 5% 95%
B6 0.002 mg 0.059 mg 3.30% 96.70%
B12 0.03 mcg 0.331 mcg 8.30% 91.70%
Vitamin A 0 IU 245 IU 0% 100%
Vitamin E 0 mg 0.684 mg 0% 100%
Vitamin D 0 IU 18.3 IU 0% 100%
Vitamin K 0 IU 0.119 IU 0% 100%
DHA and AA 0 94 mg 0% 100%
Carotenoids 0 mcg 21 mcg 0% 100%

Why Egg Whites

  • Egg whites calories are low
  • fat-free nutrition
  • protein-rich nutrition
  • mineral-rich nutrition

One egg white nutritional facts compared to one egg yolk nutritional facts is lesser.

However, relatively when we look into calories, egg white calories are fewer than egg yolk calories.

Remember, egg yolks or whole eggs aren’t bad for you. When it comes to being more conscious about the calories you consume, egg white calories are fewer and easily win hands down.

Why Should You Know How Many Calories in An Egg White?

It is clear that egg white calories are low and you can include them in your healthy diet choices. Relatively, you also know how many calories in an egg white. It helps to plan your diet regimen accordingly.

When planning a diet, be it for any specific or just for staying healthy, you must include all nutrients and all food categories. It is a bad idea to skip any specific nutrient. It means you must also include healthy fats in your diet.

Eggs form a major protein source. It is cheaper, easy, and versatile to cook, protein-packed, and nutritiously rich food sources.

Just some boiled egg whites with spicy toppings would suffice for nutritious as well as low-calorie food. 

When you diet for weight loss or want to eat nutritious food to enhance your health, you should know about the caloric value of every food you intake.

Similarly, you should also know the nutritious value. It makes no sense in eating zero-calorie food that has no nutritional value.

  • Above all, how much you eat is all about the caloric value of the foods. Intake of calories, calories you spent makes the difference in weight loss effort.
  • For sports professionals, it is essential to include protein-rich foods, where low-calorie egg whites come in handy.
  • Boiled egg white calories are low and you can feed it even to babies older than 9 months. Similarly, eggs are essential for pregnant women too. If a pregnant woman is skeptical about eating more fat, she can cut down the egg yolk calories and eat boiled egg whites.
  • It makes a healthy food choice for those who wish to boost muscle mass naturally.

So, knowing about the calories in an egg white can help you plan your diet accordingly.

Cooked Egg White Calories

While you know about how many calories are in an egg white, you must also be aware of the fact that the caloric value changes in the way, how you cook an egg.

Most people, who wish to add egg whites to the diet, prefer boiled egg whites. How much are the cooked egg white calories or boiled egg white calories? Cooked egg whites are also low in fat, have zero cholesterol, and contain all the proteins and nutrients you can add to your diet.

When you have the low caloric nutritional and healthier option, why look into nutritional but high caloric egg yolk?

Boiled Egg White Calories

Boiled egg white calories – 17 calories one egg Isn’t it easy to throw up two or three eggs into the boil, cook it in a few minutes, remove the yolk, add seasoning and eat it on the go?

You can eat three to five boiled egg whites which keep your stomach fuller too. It also gives you the essential protein your body requires.

Scrambled Egg White Calories

If you are bored with boiled egg whites which are low in calories, you may want to think of other alternatives. How many calories is in a scrambled egg?

Scrambled egg whites are an additional option to include delicious spread and make variety in adding proteins.

Scrambled egg white calories are 35 calories!

  • Sprinkle the pepper or paprika on the boiled egg whites.
  • You get a healthy, nutritious, delicious, and low-calorie snack. Remember, it has an added benefit – a protein-rich snack.
  • You can simply dice up the boiled eggs and add them to the freshly made salad. It makes quite nutritious and protein-rich salads.


Initially, you need to worry about eating eggs daily. Do not bother about the baseless threats claiming negative facts on eating eggs. Eating more than a limited quantity makes it unhealthy, especially whole eggs or egg whites.

Egg whites scoped from a medium-sized egg provide 4 grams of protein which is just 17 calories. Proteins enhance your body’s metabolism and give an enzymatic boost.

It doesn’t matter because it has very low calories than any other snacking? You know about the egg white calories and calories in boiled eggs. You can eat this low-caloric versatile and wholesomely nutritional food without any guilt.

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