How Many Beers To Get Drunk? 3 Felling Experience


How Many Beers To Get Drunk

Taking beer in moderation is the best way to enjoy it. However, the alcoholic content present in beer can make get you drunk with four beers.

Are you planning a hangout with friends? The first thing that comes to mind while planning a hangout is ‘beer.’

However, it is an alcoholic beverage and thus needs some precaution. Can gulping down a couple of pints lead to a hangover the next morning? If you are wondering how many beers to get drunk, this article is for you.

Drinking a beer reasonably only brings them joy and not a hangover. As we know, ‘excess of everything is bad’ – this proverb is equally true for beer.

How Many Beers To Get Drunk?

How Many Beers To Get Drunk


This answer to his question depends on certain factors as follows:

1. Strength of the beer

To make you feel drunk, the strength of beer is significant. Strong beer can make you drunk quickly than light beer. As the name suggests, light beer contains lesser alcohol. There is a variety of beer available in the market, which has no alcohol at all. These non-alcoholic beers will not make you feel drunk and safe when you have to travel long distances alone after having a beer with friends.

2. Size of the beer

A bigger size of beer leads to higher chances of getting drunk quickly. Having a pint of beer may not make you feel drunk, but having 3-4 pints together will enhance the alcohol level in your blood rapidly and make you feel drunk. There are different sizes of beer available in the market.

3. Size of the person

The weight of the person also influences the quantity taken. A person with more weight needs to drink more beer to get drunk as compared to the one with lesser weight. For example, A body with a load of 20 pounds can get drunk with the presence of 0.01% alcohol. Hence, for a bulkier large quantity of beer is required to make them feel drunk.

If some food accompanies the beer, your body is not able to absorb the alcohol quickly. So, if you are eating food while having a beer, then it will take considerable time to get drunk or a large amount of beer.

Once you get to know how several factors play a vital role in making you feel drunk, here comes the next question that arises, how does it feel when you get drunk?

Here Are Some Feelings Which You Experience Once You Feel Drunk:

how many beers to get drunk
how many beers to get drunk

Stage 1 – Euphoria

At this stage, blood alcohol is between 0.03 and 0.12. At this level, you only lose the ability to perform simple tasks such as writing or sign as the attention span shortens to a considerable degree.

Stage 2 – Excitement

At this stage, the alcohol content in the body goes up to 0.09 to 0.25. You may feel sleepy. You will face difficulty in remembering things. The vision also gets blurred in extreme cases. The attention span also gets very low.

Stag 3 – Confusion

At this stage, you will feel dizzy and not aware of where you are. At this stage, the alcohol in the blood is 0.18 to 0.30.

Hence it is essential to consume beer within your capacity to remain safe. Getting overboard with the number of beers can also lead to life-threatening consequences. Drinking reasonably is the only way to enjoy a beer at most.

Here are some of the benefits of beer that justify reasonable beer habits:

Compared to other alcoholic drinks, beer is considered a better and safe option. Besides equivalent antioxidants with wine, beer contains a higher level of protein and Vitamin B. It also contains considerable levels of calcium, fiber, iron, and phosphate.

The study reveals that if you do not drink beer, you are more likely to suffer a heart attack compared to the ones who consume beer in moderate quantities. Drinking beer also curbs kidney stones, especially in women by 41%.

The high silicon content present in beer helps in strengthening your bones. It helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis. It is responsible for reducing stress levels.

Can You Get Drunk In One Beer?

You are considered drunk if the level of alcohol present in your blood is more than 0.08%. A beer consumed per hour can maintain such a level in your blood. However, you will not feel drunk. Drinking 3-4 beers every hour can make you feel drunk.

Will 4 Beers Get You Drunk?

Yes, drinking four beers will make you feel drunk. A small beer (16 oz) contains an equal amount of alcohol, which a shot of hard liquor ( 1 to 1 ½ oz.) contains. Four beers lead to 300 proof liquor which is very high above the prescribed levels of 86 proof beverage. Even if you are consuming lite beer, you may end up consuming lesser calories, but the alcohol level would remain the same.

How Many Beers Are Equal To a Shot?

A 12 oz of beer contains an equal amount of alcohol present in 5 oz of wine or 1.5 oz of beer.

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