7 Facts About Tamiflu – How Long After Taking Tamiflu Will I Feel Better?

Facts About Tamiflu

How long after taking Tamiflu will I feel better? As the flu season is on, precaution is the best remedy. Yet, everyone can’t escape. If you feel sick and notice the symptoms of Flu, the next best course is to get the appropriate treatment.


With a wide range of antivirals available, Tamiflu is considered to be one of the active antiviral drugs. However, these drugs only help with faster recovery.

Let us explore more about Tamiflu as an antiviral drug in this article. Also, we will assess how long after taking Tamiflu, will one feel better?

What is Tamiflu?

How Long After Taking Tamiflu Will I Feel Better

It is an antiviral drug that is taken orally to prevent the flu virus from multiplying in your body. Oseltamivir is an active ingredient in Tamiflu.

If taken within 48 hours of visible flu symptoms, it helps in faster recovery by reducing the flu symptoms. It is useful for influenza A and B viruses and can be taken by the infant, adult, and older people.

Fever, cold, chills, sore throat, cough, and body pains are some of the common symptoms of Flu. Flu is a respiratory infection that is caused by the influenza virus.

From mild symptoms, Flu can lead to life-threatening complications like pneumonia and other secondary bacterial infection. Tamiflu is not a substitute for any flu vaccine; it only helps in preventing the flu symptoms.

How Long After Taking Tamiflu, Will I Feel Better?

Typically within 48 hours of taking Tamiflu, you will feel better and start relieving from the flu symptoms such as cold, body ache, sore throat, high fever, etc. It should be taken within 48 hours of the visibility of flu symptoms to aid your recovery.

Can we use Tamiflu for the prevention of Flu besides flu treatment?

Yes, Tamiflu can be used for both treatment and prevention of Flu. If a person is suffering from Flu, Tamiflu can be given as a treatment to reduce the symptoms of Flu and to accelerate the recovery. It has shown a reduction in the time taken for improvement by the people who are suffering from the Flu.

Tamiflu can be used for prevention purposes where it protects the person against the Flu. The person can be exposed to the flu virus when it comes in contact with another person who is suffering from the Flu.

Is the amount of dosage remains the same under treatment and prevention for Tamiflu?

No. You should consult a healthcare consultant to know the exact dosage of Tamiflu to be taken for prevention and treatment. The number of days and times of dosage to be taken in a day varies in both cases. Other factors, such as your health condition, your age, your weight, and the time you started taking Tamiflu after getting infected, also play a role in determining your dosage requirements.

Can we use Tamiflu as a substitute for the flu vaccine?

No, Tamiflu is not an ideal substitute for the flu vaccine. The best is to get a flu vaccine to protect against the flu virus. Measures like avoiding contact with an infected person, covering the mouth after sneezing, washing hands should be taken to prevent the flu virus.

Who should take Tamiflu as antiviral medication?

People who are at risk of complications with Flu are recommended to take Tamiflu. As their immune system is weak, this medication helps in recovering them fast by strengthening their immune system. People who are suffering from diabetes, chronic kidney disease, respiratory issues, asthma, or overweight issues can take this medicine.

Tamiflu is safe for pregnant women and infants as well.

What are the side effects of Tamiflu?

Nausea and vomiting are some of the common side effects of Tamiflu. One should seek advice from a medical practitioner before proceeding with Tamiflu medication.

There are some unwanted side effects of oseltamivir, an active ingredient in Tamiflu. There are few common side effects such as nausea, vomiting, and Diarrhea, which do not require specific medical attention. As the body starts adjusting to the medication, these effects get over.

Wheezing and Phlegm-producing cough are some of the less common side-effects of taking Tamiflu.

Bloating, chest pain, abdominal pain, facial swelling, stomach cramps, jaw pain, irregular heartbeat, unusual weight loss, shortness of breath, increased thirst, and drooling are some of the rare side-effects associated with Tamiflu.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for Tamiflu to start working?

If you take Tamiflu within two days of getting sick, you recover faster than the patients who do not take any medication.

Can you stop taking Tamiflu if you feel better?

There are no side effects if you stop taking Tamiflu. But it is crucial to contact your doctor once you decide to stop it. The symptoms of Flu are likely to come back. Hence, a medical practitioner is the best person to guide you on whether you should continue with Tamiflu or not.

How long are you contagious with the Flu after taking Tamiflu?

Once you start experiencing the symptoms, you remain sick for 5-7 days. The signs are visible after one day of receiving the Flu by the body.

How long does it take to get over Type The flu?

For a healthy individual, it takes five days to recover from a fever and 7-10 days to recover from the cold. Without any medication, it takes 1-2 weeks to recover from the flu. If you are taking medication, the chances of recovery are faster.

Is Tamiflu helpful after 48 hours?

Tamiflu is highly effective if taken within 48 hours of infection. However, it is still helpful in preventing severe flu complications, if it is taken after 48 hours of symptoms appearing. 


Tamiflu is a safe medicine and can be taken by infants, pregnant women, older people, and even people with a weak immune system. It reduces the time taken for recovery from the flu symptoms and is actively used as a measure to prevent flu infection.

As prevention is better than cure, it is recommended to take various steps, which help in preventing the flu virus from spreading, especially when the flu season is on. For more information visit gohealthline.com.

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