Green Coffee Bean – How to Use it For Weight Loss?

Many diet plans and programs extol the virtues of coffee. According to its followers, it would promote weight loss. Can green coffee be used to lose weight healthily and sustainably? We have explored this topic.

Green Coffee to lose weight

Green coffee: presentation, composition

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks in the USA, and one of the most consumed. It is grown in more than seventy countries worldwide, and everyone has a preference in this matter. Its stimulating effects on cognition are sought after. In particular, it helps us fight fatigue. 

There are more than sixty varieties of coffee. For weight loss, green coffee is the one most often cited. Green coffee is the unroasted coffee seed and therefore the ripe fruit of the coffee tree. Without roasting, there is no chemical modification of the coffee, which reduces the seed’s chlorogenic acid and caffeine content.

Green coffee composition

In green coffee, phenolic compounds and chlorogenic acid are the most present. In addition, coffee contains caffeine, an active ingredient that is mainly consumed through coffee. The caffeine content of coffee depends on the type of bean, the preparation method, and the roasting of the beans. Coffee also contains natural antioxidants, which can bring us many benefits. 

There are caffeine acids and other phenolic compounds responsible for an essential part of the antioxidant effects of coffee. It also contains vitamins (including B2, B3, and B5) and minerals: magnesium, copper… Finally, coffee also contains deterrence alcohols released in contact with hot water. Can this composition help us lose weight?

Green Coffee Benefits for weight loss

Green coffee is one of the most effective for weight loss. This is, in any case, what studies have concluded on this subject. Naturally, therefore, it is used in many natural food supplements for weight loss.

1 – Beneficial effects on body fat

Green coffee, because of its chlorogenic acid content, acts directly on the absorption and use of fat mass. It accelerates basal metabolism, resulting in more significant caloric expenditure during exercise and at rest. 

It thus forces our body to burn a maximum of accumulated fat. In addition, green coffee can also delay and limit the absorption of lipids in the intestine and activate the fat metabolism process in the liver.

Here, chlorogenic acid and its consumption through green coffee can considerably slow down weight gain and fat accumulation. On the contrary, it can even promote weight loss if combined with a healthy diet and regular physical activity. 

Green coffee has a real anti-obesity action since it blocks the accumulation of triglycerides (fats) in the liver. This action also regulates adipokine levels and the distribution of fat mass. Thus, green coffee also contributes to regulating cholesterol and fatty acid synthesis in the body!

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2 – A beneficial action against glycemia

The chlorogenic acid present in green coffee can reduce the absorption of sugars in the intestine. As a result, it prevents blood sugar levels from skyrocketing after a meal or snack. In addition, evidence shows that both chlorogenic acid and its metabolite caffeic acid can block amylase levels in the gut.

This reduces the absorption of glucose (especially that present in starches) and consequently reduces caloric intake.

It is believed that the properties of the green coffee act in two ways on blood sugar levels. First, it reduces the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine by acting on the intestinal mucosa. This effect is particularly interesting for people with type 2 diabetes.

But it also seems capable of reducing the formation of glucose from glycogen in our liver. Here, chlorogenic acid would be directly involved, and its effects could be consequent on obesity. Scientific research is continuing in this area!

3 – Interesting antioxidant properties for slimming

As we have already mentioned, green coffee contains many antioxidants. These natural molecules help fight against free radical damage at the cellular level. But they also reduce the proliferation of fat cells in the body and induce fat loss through the phenomenon of thermogenesis.

It is also essential to know that green coffee promotes a more lasting feeling of satiety. It allows better control of the appetite thanks to a natural appetite suppressant effect. Caffeine is at the origin of this effect since it acts on the action of leptin, which is the satiety hormone. In addition, caffeine induces greater fat oxidation, as shown in a study conducted in this area.

The effects of caffeine on weight loss have long been recognized. And the most recent studies on this subject demonstrate this.

4 – Stimulate the metabolism and fight against fatigue

Caffeine is a known stimulant of the central nervous system. It facilitates the awakening and the imagination and reduces the feeling of tiredness felt by the people who consume it. Fighting against fatigue favors weight loss in the sense that we are more active in our daily activities. 

In the same way, this stimulating action reaches the organs like the liver, but also the heart. Different functions are naturally stimulated by caffeine, including the primary metabolism. Thus, coffee consumption increases energy expenditure and, therefore, weight loss even at rest.

Of course, you should not abuse coffee (whether green or not) for this purpose, and be sure to respect the recommended doses.

5 – Improve your sports performance

The caffeine found in the different varieties of coffee stimulates the whole body’s activity. It is also beneficial to sports performance since it increases lipolysis and helps preserve glycogen reserves during physical effort. It is also known to have a significant effect on muscle contraction, adrenaline secretion, and the central nervous system. It reduces fatigue and helps increase endurance!

According to studies, caffeine is effective both during endurance events and during intense efforts of short duration.

The effects of coffee on sports performance are felt within an hour of ingestion. Coffee allows us to make more prolonged and more intense physical efforts by promoting sports performance. And we know that regular and sufficient practice of a sport (in addition to a healthy and balanced diet) is essential for healthy and sustainable weight loss!

How to use green coffee to lose weight?

You will have understood: to lose weight; it is interesting to rely on the unique properties of green coffee. Here’s how to best use it to support your efforts and encourage healthy and sustainable weight loss with green coffee. 

To lose weight with green coffee, you will have to rebalance your diet if it is not ideally balanced and practice regular physical activity. The effects of green coffee taken alone are not enough to cause a healthy and lasting weight loss.

Contraindications and side effects

Green coffee contains a significant amount of coffee, known for its stimulating properties. People who have insomnia, cardiovascular problems, or high blood pressure should avoid consuming or abusing it. If these contraindications concern you, you can also talk to your doctor.

⚠️ Green coffee is contraindicated for pregnant and nursing women, as well as for children.

With the consumption of green coffee, some undesirable effects can be observed, such as irritability or diarrhea. It is essential to respect the prescribed doses, whether green coffee is consumed as a drink or as a dietary supplement.

In what form should green coffee be used to lose weight?

Green coffee is an unroasted coffee bean. Therefore, it cannot be consumed like a classic coffee. It is possible to buy green coffee beans and consume them as a drink. To do this, you must macerate them in cold water overnight. Then drink one to two cups maximum per day.

Ideally, green coffee is drunk in the morning and should not be combined with other sources of caffeine! You can also find green coffee sticks or sachets. Here, you should not consume more than two or three per day.

Green coffee can also be taken as a dietary supplement in capsules or tablets. Depending on the product, it can be mainly concentrated in chlorogenic acid.

This is one of the criteria to check when purchasing. Each product may have a different dosage, depending on the concentration of active ingredients. Make sure you respect it. If side effects appear, present your product to your doctor.

Can green coffee be combined with green tea to lose weight?

In theory, green coffee can be combined with green tea to promote weight loss. But you have to consider the theine present in tea, which is another form of caffeine. Therefore, whatever beverage you consume, you must respect the recommendations in force concerning the consumption of caffeine and theine so as not to exceed the safe doses.

Green coffee for weight loss: what you should know

Green coffee is more of a food supplement than a drink, rich in active ingredients and natural antioxidants. It can support your efforts and help you lose weight sustainably and healthily. You must choose a high-quality supplement or beans, watch your diet and practice regular physical activity!

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