For a Healthy You: 5 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy

Health is wealth. That’s a saying that most people believe in. They aren’t wrong to believe in that old saying. Health is indeed wealth because, without it, we couldn’t even lift a finger to do something productive. Having a healthy body means that you can work, be happy, enjoy the things you want to do, and so much more.

People often develop these diseases because of a fast-paced life, increased convenience, and other factors. Most doctors and health experts agree that simple lifestyle changes can have a significant impact on staying away from these types of diseases. Just by working out and eating right, a person can be healthy. Here are some more tips to help you stay healthy:

1. Eating Right

People often develop diabetes and heart disease because of poor eating habits. For one, a fast-paced lifestyle needs a person to have energy. To get this energy, most people eat food high in carbs, sugar, and saturated fats. Once these substances are abundant in the body, they often become the onset of these terrible diseases. With an unhealthy diet, people may develop diabetes.

Another eye-opening statistic also shows that 29 million people in the US also have diabetes. What’s more, is that an additional estimated 8 million people aren’t diagnosed or don’t even know that they have diabetes. If you have this condition and are taking meds, you can take advantage of coupons and discounts. Simply tap the download app and you’ll have access to coupons and more from BuzzRx.

Obesity and being overweight also lead to diabetes as the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder all have to work extra hard to try and absorb the fat. When the pancreas fails, the abnormal levels of glucose in the bloodstream don’t get absorbed by the body. In effect, the kidneys work hard to excrete these excess substances. If the kidneys work hard, then they might not function as well.

As you can see, poor eating choices can be the cause of one disease, which can branch out to develop other illnesses. As much as possible, stay away from junk food, soda, and processed meats. What you should include in your diet are green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and lean meat.

2. Exercising Properly

As mentioned earlier, being overweight and obese can lead to several health problems. According to a recent study, an estimated 160 million Americans are suffering from obesity. One of the reasons that people become excessively overweight is because they don’t work out.

A proper workout at the gym can bring amazing results for those willing to shed those extra pounds. Of course, always consult your doctor and trainer first before doing any training. Even if you can’t work out in the gym, you can definitely jog every day. An everyday session of at least 10-15 mins of brisk walking can significantly lower your chances of developing diabetes.

3. Getting Sleep

Aside from working out and eating right, getting enough sleep is another way to keep healthy. People who always end up staying late often develop weak immune systems, which is why most of them get coughs, colds, and the flu quickly.

Other studies also suggest that people who get less sleep have elevated blood pressure. High blood pressure requires the heart to pump blood faster and stronger. This workload can weaken the heart, damage blood vessels, cause strokes, and can even damage your kidneys and cause kidney failure.

Sleep is vital as it’s the body’s way of recuperating and regenerating tissues. Always allow yourself rest periods when you’re working out hard. Most newbies often think that sleeping is lazy when you’re working out. What they don’t know is that sleeping is actually part of the process of getting lean and toned muscles.

4. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is a dangerous habit that everyone takes very lightly. The effects of smoking on the human body are plentiful. Cigarettes often contain Nicotine and Tar. Nicotine is a harmful substance that comes from tobacco plants that act as a natural pesticide. This substance is the reason why cigarettes can be so addicting.

Tar is a brown substance that forms when tobacco cools. It can accumulate in the lungs and cause cancer. Aside from tar and nicotine, cigarettes also contain toxic substances such as toluene, carbon monoxide, arsenic, methanol, methylamine, acetone, ammonia, etc. Imagine having all of these chemicals inside your body.

5. Taking Care Of Your Mental Health

Taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. Although stress is a part of a healthy life, people often develop physical conditions due to an overload of stress. When you’re stressed out, you may feel uninterested, tired, and gloomy.

It’s also a well-known fact that most people tend to relieve themselves of stress by eating a lot of food and drinking excessive alcohol. This is the reason why most people should always take care of their mental well-being.


Today, a lot of people are often suffering from diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Not only that, but most people are also overweight, while some are morbidly obese. The tips mentioned above are excellent ways to avoid these horrible health problems. Working out, eating right, and sleeping properly are just a few examples of how to stay fit and healthy.

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