9 Foods Low In Sugar To Control Blood Sugar in 2022 [Updated]

9 Foods low in sugar to control blood sugar. Diabetes is an indication that either the body of a person is not producing enough insulin or is not able to use it. A resistance to insulin in the body leads to diabetes. The blood sugar rises drastically. If not controlled, it could be fatal to health.

Food plays a vital role in spiking or controlling the blood sugar levels in our bodies. If you have diabetes, you need to be selective to pick the foods which are low in sugar to maintain the blood sugar levels.

Here are the nine foods low in sugar to control blood sugar:

List Of Foods Low In Sugar control Blood Sugar

List Of Foods Low In Sugar control Blood Sugar


1. Whole Wheat Bread And Pasta

White bread or pasta is high on carbs, which spikes up blood sugar instantly. While whole-wheat bread has a lower GI index, Pumpernickel bread has the lowest GI scores among all three. As processing removes the fibrous outer shells of cereals and grain, it leads to an increase in blood sugar.

2. Garlic

Garlic is a super healthy addition to your diet with its numerous health benefits. It improves insulin secretion and sensitivity. It is versatile to add to your salads and cooked meals to enhance the flavors. You can also eat it raw to derive more benefits.

3. Oat Bran Or Oatmeal

Oats are responsible for improving insulin sensitivity and maintaining glycemic control. It reduces blood lipids and has a beneficial effect on people suffering from Diabetes type 2. 1 cup of oatmeal contains grams of carbs, which helps reduce insulin responses and glucose after meals.

4. Most Fruits

Most of the fruits have a GI index of less than 55. Melons and pineapples are the only exceptions. Fruits like blueberries, apples, and grapes reduce the risk of diabetes type 2.

5. Cold-Water Fish

Generally, meat and fish are low on the GI index. Few pieces of research revealed that cold-water beef could reduce the risk of Diabetes Type 2 as compared to other meat. Eating 100 grams of saithe, haddock, Pollock, or cod can reduce diabetes risk.

6. Most Nuts

Enriched with dietary fiber and nutrition, most of the nuts have a low GI score. They contain high levels of plant protein and unsaturated fatty acids, which improve your heart and brain functions. Eating whole and unprocessed nuts are highly beneficial.

7. Yams And Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are highly nutritious and have a GI score less than regular potatoes. They contain more fiber and are found to be beneficial for diabetic patients.

8. Yogurt

Research conducted in 2014 revealed that yogurt is the only dairy product that lowers the risk of Diabetes Type 2. Plain yogurt is very low on the GI Index. Avoid flavored and sweetened yogurt should be strictly avoided as they will spike up blood sugar drastically.

9. Legumes

Lentils, beans, chickpeas, and peas are some of the legumes which are very low in the GI index. They are rich in fiber, protein, complex carbohydrates. Legumes also reduce coronary heart disease in people who have Diabetes Type 2.

One should avoid the packaged legumes which are loaded with sauces, marinades, and syrups as these additions can drastically increase the sugar levels in the body.

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