Eric Burris Weight Loss [2023]: – Lost 100 Pounds

Eric Burris Weight Loss: Eric Burris is a well-known American meteorologist. He works for WESH 2 Orlando, Florida. But here the subject is not any scary weather forecast at all, but Eric’s weight loss transformation and journey to better health.

Eric Burris’ fans are curious about how he lost weight quickly and which methods he employed. Is there a weight loss diet & workout plan for losing weight? How did this happen? Eric has also been rumored to have undergone weight loss surgery.

In this article, we are going to go over all the details regarding Eric Burris’ weight loss journey. To get a better idea of Eric’s lifestyle and what made him lose weight, here are some brief personal details.

Who is Eric Burris?

Born and raised in Florida, Burris provides weather forecasts for his hometown. While still attending high school, he began his meteorology career at the Orlando television station. He earned college credit through an internship program created by Seminole County Public Schools in response to his interest in Meteorology. 

Eric Burris Weight Loss
Name: Eric Burris
Date of Birth:April 29th, 1984
Age:36 years old
Height:5 ft 9 
Weight:300 pounds
Net worth:about $1 Million -$5 Million

After graduating, Eric began working behind the camera covering weather emergencies. By doing this work, he prepared himself for appearing in front of a camera. Eric began his career in 2006 at WPBF-TV, Wesh 2’s other station.

Eric covered the terrible tornadoes that hit WESH on Groundhog Day in 2007. Eventually, Eric Burris became a full-time member of WESH’s weather team. He is very passionate about his work. Those who follow Eric on social media will notice that he often posts weather data.

Eric Burris Weight Loss Journey

Eric Burris decided earlier last year that he needed to make a change for the betterment of his health and that of his family. To determine his health and weight, he sought the advice of doctors. The doctor warned Eric that if he didn’t do anything to correct his health issue, he would become diabetic.

His pancreas was malfunctioning and he was having trouble producing insulin. Eric Burris’ doctor told him that unless he received treatment, losing weight would be impossible. Eric underwent Gastric Bypass Surgery on June 20, 2021, as recommended by his doctor. 

Eric Burris Weight Loss

The weight loss and health transformation of Eric Burris caught the attention of people, who were curious about his transformation. After a series of questions from people about how he lost weight, Eric Burris appeared on WESH 2 News Sunrise program and addressed all the questions that came from his fans on how he lost weight.

He told his fans that during this period he made a commitment to better health by exercising regularly and eating healthier while trying to lose weight. Although he is still under his goal weight, he has been able to control the weight through the following methods: water weight loss, diet, and exercise. Before starting the weight loss journey, Eric was at a healthy weight of 300 pounds.

Eric Burris Weight Loss Diet Plan

While on the program, Eric Burris said that he did not follow any diet or weight loss diet plan. He mainly ate what he wanted and allowed himself to indulge. During the weight loss journey, he ate healthier meals because he had to consider his health condition.

He also said that since weight loss surgery has a few restrictions as compared to other weight loss methods, it is important for people who pursue this method to understand their limitations.

Eric Burris Weight Loss

Eric Burris’ diet plan is quite interesting, as he follows a Paleo Diet, which is a diet plan which removes all carbohydrates from the diet. This diet is also very high in protein. The food that Eric eats is comprised primarily of Grass-fed meat, fish, and Eggs.

He pairs this with fruits and vegetables such as greens and peppers. He also cooks all his meals with olive oil. He also carefully monitors his blood sugar levels while following this diet so that he can not give in to the temptation of consuming any foods which would have a high glycemic index. The following things contribute to his weight loss:

  • Vegetables
  • High Protein
  • A low-carb diet
  • Drinking a lot of water
  • Fresh Fruits 

Eric Burris Weight Loss Workout Routine

Eric Burris’ workout routine is quite interesting. He does not utilize any equipment for his exercise. His exercise routine consists of running and swimming as well as a lot of strength training. He claims that he did not use any special workout plan to lose weight, but he has been losing weight using these methods. 

Eric Burris Weight Loss


  • Running: Daily
  • Swimming: Daily
  • Strength Training: Weights 2-3 times a week

What makes him lose weight? Many factors contribute to Burris’ weight loss journey, the most important being his diet plan and lifestyle practices such as exercising regularly and drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

He also makes sure that he gets plenty of rest during his day or else he may find himself doing extra work around the house or working late into the night. Eric Burris’ philosophy on exercise involved working out regularly and eating healthy foods. Eric has set a goal to lose 100 pounds and he achieved it by following this routine.

After experiencing a weight loss of 100 lbs, Eric decided to start working out daily and keep his diet as strict as it once was. He wanted to maintain the weight he got by performing exercises like running and swimming regularly. After losing weight, he decided to work out twice a day like he used to do before.

Eric Burris Before and After

Before the weight loss, Eric weighed 300 pounds. He decided to undergo a gastric bypass surgery which helped him lose 100 pounds of his total weight. At this point in his life, he looks great and has lost a significant amount of weight. 

Eric Burris Weight Loss


Eric Burris’ weight loss journey is proof that losing weight is possible, but it requires hard work and discipline. Eric had to make a change in his life to lose the excess weight. Eric Burris is a great example of a person who made an effort to lose weight and succeeded in doing so.

His weight loss story is one of determination and courage, which has helped him to maintain the hard work he put into the process of losing weight. He has become a role model for many people who are looking to lose weight due to health issues.

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