Dua Lipa Weight Loss (2024): Diet, Workout, Before, After

As one of the many people stuck at home free during the covid, Dua Lipa’s weight loss journey is one of many who struggled with excessive weight gain. It wasn’t easy for the young British singer, but she did it and achieved her slim figure again.

She has lost weight and gained all the benefits of the weight loss diet plan with a flair. She has done so because she is a determined, hard-working person. She always manages to stay on top and work hard at what she does. She believes that her body build is natural because of her workout routine.

Her body was attractive, healthy, and perfect, and she enjoyed looking at it as much as any other person would any additional time in their life. Her goal was to achieve a slim and decent figure, but Dua Lipa was not obsessed with losing weight only for this reason.

Her healthy lifestyle helped her grow more confident in herself, which subsequently helped her lose weight fast.

Who Is Dua Lipa?

On 22nd August 1995, Dua Lipa was born. She was born in London, the capital of England. In addition to working as a marketing manager, her father was a former member of a well-known band. He was the lead singer of that group.

His instruction may have made Dua Lipa a fantastic singer. Dua Lipa began singing quite early in childhood. In her youth, she loved Nelly Furtado’s music. She said she admired Nelly Furtado’s tattoos and aspired to sing like her.

Dua Lipa's Weight Loss
Name: Dua Lipa
Date of Birth: 22 August 1995
Age:27 years
Height:1.73 m
Weight:128 pounds (or 58 kg)
Net worth:$40 Million
Profession:Singer, Songwriter

Dua Lipa began singing cover songs when she was 12 years old. The world became aware of her as a cover vocalist at 14 when she released her first cover song. The first cover song she uploaded to YouTube was a pop song cover. It was a great success for her. In just one day, the song was downloaded more than 500,000 times. A year later, she began working as a model and singing.

Dua Lipa’s Weight Loss Journey

As a result of Covid-19, everyone was stuck and facing problems. Dua was one of the victims of Covid as a result of weight gain. Her weight gain has been noticeable, and she has started to worry about it.

Dua wanted to shrink back to her former self and return to her favorite jeans, so she decided to do whatever it took. That was when she thought of overcoming this problem by losing weight.

She believed that she could lose the extra weight by working hard and maintaining her fitness levels. She began exercising for about an hour each day and followed a strict diet, including taking part in intense cardio workouts and eating the right foods.

Dua Lipa's Weight Loss

This helped Dua Lipa lose some weight. She adopted a new workout program that she could manage to fit into her schedule. She also did some yoga exercises on top of that to tone her muscles and lose weight. The result was four pounds in eight weeks.

This was a significant success for her, and she began growing in confidence in herself and the world around her. As a result, she began to notice the differences between herself and other girls and women. Her toned physique amazed her fans when she appeared in the Award show.

Dua Lipa’s Weight Loss Diet Plan

Dua Lipa started her weight loss journey during the pandemic, and she has kept it going. She became a fitness model who has worked out daily to lose weight.

The diet plan of Dua Lipa changed over time as she began losing weight. Dua Lipa’s Weight loss diet plan included high Protein Foods. These types of foods are essential for fat burning. She also takes a multivitamin every day to maintain her health and beauty.

Her diet consisted of more protein and fewer carbohydrates. She stopped eating fried food and other unhealthy items. She began replacing them with fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats. Another key factor to her success is her insistence on never eating after 6:00 pm. To achieve her goal, she follows the following routine:

  • Breakfast:   She tries to make it as healthy as possible. In the morning, she used to have Boiled eggs, a Bowl of banana oats, or a cup of apple granola. Both are full of fiber, are good sources of carbs and calories, and are tasty.
  • Lunch: She would have fish with some salad as her protein source for Lunch. She would have a cup of coffee and maybe a rice cake or fruit.
  • Dinner: She mainly has healthy food during dinner time. She makes herself at home, but it always includes lean protein such as grilled salmon or chicken breast, steamed veggies on the side, and some healthy fats like avocado.

She believes these are the best ways to lose weight, and she follows them. If you want to lose weight, drink a lot of water as it helps in many ways. You will feel full, and this makes you achieve what you want in life. To be on a diet, do not look for food all the time, but also don’t skip meals as this may lead to hunger pangs and binge eating making you gain more weight than required. 

Dua Lipa’s Weight Loss Workout Plan

Dua Lipa incorporated her favorite exercise routine into her daily routine to help her lose weight. She loves to do things like running and cycling, and these exercises are great for losing weight. The exercise burns calories and helps you lose weight quickly.

dua lipa weight loss

While running, she runs as fast as she can and tries to reach her target. Dua Lipa’s workout plan also includes cardio and weight training. She has chosen a gym in London where she works out almost daily. During her workout, her trainer always keeps a close eye on her.

He always gives instructions and works with her so that she can gain maximum benefit from the workout. She believes in hard work and being disciplined so that anyone can achieve their goals with plenty of good results they can expect.

Dua Lipa’s Weight Loss Before And After

She was not much fat before she started her weight loss journey, but she wanted to look good, so she decided to shed some extra pounds. In an Instagram post, Dua Lipa revealed that she had lost 17 pounds by following a diet plan and exercising.

Dua Lipa's Weight Loss


Dua Lipa is a talented singer and hopes to succeed in the music industry. Dua Lipa’s weight loss journey seems to be going great for her. She has maintained her fitness level and claims a fantastic figure that can be seen from the Award shows to which she was invited. Her fans enjoyed Dua Lipa’s songs and were highly impressed with her performance and appearance at the front. There is no doubt that she is one of the most talented singers of today’s generation who gained fame overnight with all her talent, beauty, and talent in singing, making fans fall in love with her.

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