Coronavirus in Italy Warns The World – Current Situation in Italy 2021

Corona Virus

Coronavirus in Italy warns the world: Started from Wuhan in China, Coronavirus has made Italy the second epidemic center in the world with its massive widespread.

Ranked at No.2 in health care facilities, Italy has declared a lockdown for the last 13 days, but still, the government is not able to control the pandemic. With the corona cases tickling up every hour, Italy is on the verge of surpassing China in terms of Corona widespread.

With the record of 53000 infections and more than 5000 deaths across Italy, the graph of infected people saw a steep rise shocking the people around the World. While steady in the first two weeks, the third week was outburst with the community infection, making the situation critical in Italy. In death tolls, Italy already surpassed China.

Lombardy is locked down, and the Italian army has come into force to take charge of the situation. By banning outdoor activities like jogging and walking, the country has tightened the nationwide lockdown. Saturday, March 21, 2020, has witnessed the highest death rate in Italy due to Corona with 793 death on a single day.

The country is hampered with the enormous economic sacrifices by closing all its factories and stopping all its production. The primary reason for this hit is accounted for the ignorance of the steps to be initiated at the early stage of corona widespread. As the community transfer of highly communicable coronavirus is at its peak in Italy, the country has already taken the strictest measures but not able to control the situation yet.

Italy was the first country in Europe which has stopped all its flight in and out of Chine on January 30, 2020. A hospital in Rome dealt with the two infected Chinese tourists and an infected Italian returned from China. In a swift response to Coronavirus, Italy had confined the cruise ship passengers by docking it outside Rome.

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The First Confirmed Case Of Coronavirus in Italy


On February 18, the first official case of Covid-19 was reported. A 38-year older man was severely ill and went to the hospital in the Lodi Province of Lombardy. The hospital authorities noticed severe flu symptoms. But the patient denied to hospitalized and after that went sicker. In the evening, he returned to the hospital as he was in critical condition.

On February 20, from the general ward, he was shifted to the Intensive care unit. He was tested positive for the virus on the same day. But by now, he already attended many events, soccer matches, three dinners when he had no symptoms of Covid-19.

He proved to be the super spreader of Covid-19 in Italy, who stayed in the dynamic and densely populated area infecting thousands of people around. As he went to the hospital twice, he infected doctors and nurses as well. The surprising fact was, he had no contact with China and suspected to be affected by another European.

By the time Italy was able to trace the Covid-19, it was active for weeks by time. It was often mistaken as the flu or passed by people who have no symptoms. Lombardy is the Italian region that has most of the trade with China and known to be the home of Milan. It is a business-centered city in Italy that is vibrant and densely occupied due to its trade activities.

Hence, by the time Italy identified its ‘Patient-One,’ there were 100s of patients around the city that are asymptomatic. In just three days of its first case of Covid-19, there were 130 patients with the symptoms of Coronavirus on February 23, 2020.

Eleven towns in Italy were sealed off with military checkpoints. All the schools, movie theatres, and museums were closed down in the Lombardy region. Even the last day of the Venice Carnival was canceled in Italy, considering the chronic spread of coronavirus in the area.

On February 24, 2020, the infections surpassed alarmingly 200 with the reports of 7 people died due to it. Veneto and Lombardy were the two northern regions which inflated the severity by testing the people without symptoms and diverged from the global guidelines. Codogno Hospital was also responsible for the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 in Italy for not correctly implementing the patient-handling guidelines.

On February 25, 2020, the number of infected patients rises to 309, and there were reports of 11 deaths due to Covid-19. Lombardy officials were scrambling to free the hospital beds to accommodate the rising cases leads to the spread out of more infections.

On February 27, 2020, a press conference was held by the country’s foreign minister, Luigi Di Maio in Rome to address the rapid spread of ‘infodemics’ over the epidemic, ruining Italy’s condition on the front of Covid-19. He outlined the disparaging media coverage of only 0.089 percent to be quarantined in Italy.

How The Situation in Italy Worsened?

The early mixed messages by the politicians and the scientists made the country vulnerable to the outbreak of Covid-19. As no strict actions were taken when the first case of Covid-19 was identified, the staggering number of people infected throughout Italy. The most infected people were accounted for one or two weeks of confusion when the epidemic was not taken seriously by the relevant authorities.

‘Milan doesn’t stop’ campaign was launched In Milan, which was a few miles away from the epicenter of the Covid-19 outbreak by Beppe Sala, Mayor of Italy. At the same time, the regional government headquarters in Milan were recording the hike in the numbers of infected cases. Giacomo Grasselli, coordinator of the Intensive Care Unit across the epicenter Lombardy, realized that it would be impossible to treat all the infected claims if the outbreak of Covid-19 continued to grow at a similar pace.

The easing of restrictions and mixed messages floating across Rome induce the Italians to lead a healthy life. A regional president Mr. AttilioFontana was informed about the growing numbers of infection cases and the worsening of the situation. Despite several requests by Mr. Attilio Fontana to the local to various regional Presidents and video conferences with the prime minister, the case was not taken up seriously. Foreseeing the economic adversities, No strict action was taken in Italy.

Later on, a national emergency was declared leading to the Milan residents rushing to leave the region. It further outbreaks the epidemic in the southern part. To clear out the confusion on the severity of lockdown, ‘auto-certification’ was issued by the government allowing people to travel in and out of locked-down areas for health, work, and essential commodities.

Finally, on March 09, 2020, the death toll in Italy climbed to 463, with the reported cases of infection at 9,172.

The Current Situation in Italy

As indicated by WHO, on March 23, 2020, the accelerating pandemic of Italy leads to 6,078 deaths with 63,928 infection cases. March 21, 2020, has recorded a large number of deaths in Italy accounting for 793 in just one day. However, the deaths dropped after that with 602 new deaths on Monday.

With 60 million Italians under house arrest, the streets in Italy are empty, and shops are closed. Health care workers are struggling day and night to keep the people alive. Experiencing Europe’s worst outbreak, the federal restrictions against the gatherings in Italy abstain the people from holding the funeral services traditionally. The dead bodies are piling up in the northern region of Lombardy (Bergamo province) with the inundated hospital morgues. Since World War II, the local cemetery was closed with a macabre line of wooden coffins for cremations.

As hundreds of dying each day and it takes one hour to cremate each body, there is a backlog of dead bodies, confirmed by the priest of the church. All the religious and civil ceremonies, including funerals, are banned across the nation. The priests offer brief prayers at the burials to the family members wearing masks.

Due to the danger of contagion, most of the Covid-19 patients are dying in isolation at the hospital. Donations of tablets are received by the Local associations so that the patients of Covid-19 could stay in touch with their families or say goodbye to them.

Many of the closed relatives of Covid-19 died patients are in quarantine. Hence, the people are dying in isolation with a quick funeral ceremony. The Mayor of Cene, Giorgio Valoti died last Friday with 90 more people died on the same day. The medical workers were forced to decide if invasive measures are required to take for providing breathing assistance to the very sick and old patients. However, since the drop in death rates observed, every patient is receiving the care.

However, the capacity to extend the best medical assistance depends on the success of the containment measures. In less than three weeks, Covid-19 has overloaded the healthcare system in Northern Italy. The experts believe that if wealthy northern Italy is not able to accommodate the outbreak of an epidemic, the chances are sleek that the poor south will able to cope with it up.

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