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Cold sores in Mouth Treatment | 9 Cold Home Remedies to Try


Cold sores in mouth treatment: It is herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) or 2. It is a blister, which seems on lips, chin, and in your mouth. Cold sore starts from the tingling, then on your lips and the corner of your mouth. Check out “Cold Sore Stages Pictures.”

How to take care of the cold sore at home? Is there any easy way to cure the problem? Let’s go, It is a painful disease. It appears a red spot and ugly. In this article, I am going to share the quick treatment to cure the problem and natural home resources.

You may do not need a doctor. Here are 21 cold sore remedies overnight, which will help you to reduce it easy and fast.

Best Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores in mouth treatment

It looks like a blister. It is lasting in 7-10 days. Your 7-10 days can be painful. But here are the best home remedies, if you use them, you can get relief quickly.

Here we go-

1- Aloe Vera

Cold sores in mouth treatment: Aloe vera is the best and natural home remedies, which will help you to get rid of the problem. Or you can use aloe vera gel, which is available online. You can buy it here.

The research is done and shown there are limited plants to cure a cold sold. Aloe vera is an anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect plant. You can grow it at home.

2- Lemon Balm

Lemon balm has antiviral properties to reduce cold sore fast. It protects from swelling and redness. Use lip balm, lemon balm, which may help you the same. You can use lemon tea ( lemon balm infusion ).

It may work the same as lemon balm. You can buy lemon balm online from here.

3- Use Ice

It may not help you directly, but it will reduce discomfort and inflammation of cold sores. If you want temporary relief, then apply a cold pack directly on the cold sore. If you don’t know to get cold packs. You can buy cold packs from here online.

The fastest way to dry up a cold sore

4- Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen not only helps you to protect from a cold sore but also protect from future mishappening. You can wear sunscreen for 15-20 minutes to reduce cold sold. It is the best idea to protect your lips. You can buy sunscreen from here online.

5- Don’t Touch

Avoid touching your lips if you have cold sores. If you feel your cold sore, the possibility can increase of the virus. It can spread on your lips and mouth. Try to keep away your hands from your mouth and lips. Before touching your mouth, wash your hands first.

6- Avoid triggers

Yes, it is essential that if you know a hot, sunny day. Don’t go out, if you want to go then use cotton clothes on your face. Otherwise warm, sunny can increase the possibility of a cold sore.

Cold Sore Remedies Overnight

7- Use cream

There are many creams available in the market, which will help you to reduce cold sore. You can buy online or offline from any medical store. If you want to buy online, then you can purchase cold sore cream from here.

8- Pain relievers

When severe sore painful, you may get relief, if you use painkillers like acetaminophen. It will help you to get ease easy and quick. You can take this medicine. But make sure before taking any type of medicine take advice from your doctor.

9- Tea tree oil

You can use tea tree oil to cure cold sores easily. Tea tree oil uses for skincare treatment. It helps to reduce cold sore within 11-12 hours. And it prevents the virus from spreading on the face. Shop now tea tree oil online.

Causes Of Cold sores

How cold sore starts? Here is an infection called herpes simplex. Cold sore caused by it. It is essential to know the reasons for a cold sore. This virus spread closely. If you kiss anyone with a cold sore, it can spread, and another person will also get a cold sore with a kiss.

Try to avoid kissing your baby or someone. The second thing if you share your lip balm with someone cold sore can spread, a mug, or a razor. Don’t share these things with anyone; otherwise, a cold sore can spread on your face or lips.

The virus can also spread if you receive oral sex with who has a cold sore.

Symptoms Of Cold sores

What do you need to know about cold sore symptoms? It doesn’t seem necessary that you get symptoms. Many people have herpes simplex virus but no signs. They only know about cold sore, which they have.

Here are some symptoms, including:

  • sore throat
  • lip swelling
  • redness on lips
  • moth pain
  • tongue pain
  • hydration
  • headache
  • nausea
  • high blood temperature

They all are highly symptoms of a cold sore, which realize at the time of the disease. If you find anyone’s symptoms of them. Strat treatment, which is right for you.


The best things to clod sore fast. Start treatment when you feel any symptoms of a cold sore. I suggested you natural home remedies above. Use them and get swelling, pain, and redness free face. You can use any resources from them. If you like the post about “Cold Sores in Mouth Treatment.” Share it with your friends and family members. And don’t forget to comments below. 

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