Can You Die From Stage 2 Breast Cancer? 2022 [Updated]

Can You Die From Stage 2 Breast Cancer?

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in the world, with women in over 140 countries around the globe experiencing frequent diagnoses. Can you die from stage 2 breast cancer?

Breast cancer cases have over the years increased and are estimated to have increased by about 20% from 2008. The increase is alarming, but health organizations and researchers are working tirelessly to come up with treatment options to reduce the deaths caused by breast cancer.

Breast cancer is described in stages depending on the growth and spread of the cancer cells. But one of the most common stages is stage two cancer. Breast Cancer Survival Rate. In this stage, you start to experience changes in your breasts as the tumor has grown to about 2 to 5 centimeters in diameter.

At this stage, the cancer cells have not affected the lymph nodes, but in few cases have spread to a few of the lymph nodes.

Causes of Cancer And Types of Cancer


Lung cancer, skin cancer, prostate cancer, leukemia, which is blood cancer, throat cancer, but the most common types of cancers are skin, lung, and breast cancer. Breast cancer is also ranked as one of the commonly diagnosed cancers among women.

Some of the causes of cancer include genes and one’s lifestyle. Alcohol or tobacco abuse may increase the chances of cancerous cell growth.

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Below is a detailed analysis of stage two breast cancer

  • To better understand the growth and spread of the cells, doctors use T, to denote the size of the tumor in the breast.
  • T0 means there is no tumor in the breast T1 implies the size of the tumor is two centimeters in diameter or less.
  • T2 means the size of the tumor is between 2 to 5 centimeters.
  • T3 means the tumor is over 5 centimeters in diameter.
  • N, on the other hand, represents, the number of lymph nodes affected.
  • N0 or N-0 means the cancer cells have not affected any lymph nodes; N1mi, the cancer is in the lymph nodes but can only be identified under the microscope.
  • N1 cancer has spread and can be detected in one lymph node around the tumor.
  • N2 cancer has spread to more lymph nodes is further away from the tumor.
  • M denotes metastasis. This means cancer has spread to other parts of the body, the liver, bones, or even the brain.
  • However, at stage two, the cancer cells have not spread other parts, and the steps are described as M0.

These Stages Vary And The Size of The Tumor or Number of Affected Lymph Nodes

The question is arises Can you die from stage 2 breast cancer? Check out the stages below.

Yes, Stage 2A: T0, N1, M0, there is no tumor in the breast, but the cancer cells have affected the lymph nodes.

Stage 2A: T1, N1, M0, the tumor in this stage is about 2cm, and cancer has affected one lymph node.

Check Stage 2A: T2, N0, M0, the tumor is slightly less than 5cm and has not affected any lymph nodes.

Here Stage 2B: T2, N1, M0, at this stage, the tumor is also slightly less than 5 centimeters but has affected lymph nodes.

Stage 2B: T3, N0, M0, the tumor is now larger than 5 centimeters,

The Treatment Process For Stage Two Breast Cancer

After tests, the oncologist gives a proper diagnosis. People don’t know that Can you die from stage 2 breast cancer? In stage two, breast cancer, the treatment methods are very similar to step one as cancer has not affected other parts of the body.

  • In a surgical procedure, the tumor can be surgically removed through a lumpectomy or a mastectomy. After the surgery, the doctor may recommend radiation, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment. However, the radiation process may interfere with the reconstruction process.
  • After the surgery and the radiation, one goes through systemic treatment, these treatment prevents the recurrence of cancer cells and depending on one’s age, and health one goes through the following systemic treatment: lymph node involvement, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy including tamoxifen, an aromatase inhibitor, and HER2 targeted therapy.
  • However, if the tumor is too large, the therapy treatment may be different. Your oncologist may suggest going through systemic treatment to reduce the size of the cancer before surgically removing it. Unfortunately, some tumors do not respond well to systemic therapy, and this results in mastectomy where you need to undergo breast reconstruction.

The treatment may take about 1 and a half years, after surgery, one goes through six weeks of chemotherapy and later follow-up.

Can You Die From Stage Two Breast Cancer?

A breast cancer diagnosis is a lot to take in not only on the patient but friends and family, and one common question that arises is can you die from stage two breast cancer?

There is no definite answer to this question as individuals respond differently to medications. And though estimates have been done to project one’s survival rate, it is important to remain positive as you go through the treatment.

After the treatment, some people regain full health and enjoy many years, while others may experience a recurrence in the growth of cancer which affects the survival rate.

The good thing about detecting breast cancer at an early stage is the likelihood to get better is higher as the cancerous cells have not affected other parts of the body which may make it hard for the body to recover fully.

Bottom Line

We cannot affirmatively declare a death sentence after a breast cancer diagnosis, the important thing is to seek treatment immediately and watch your diet. What we eat also plays a crucial part in the regeneration of the cells thus important to consult with a nutritionist on foods that prevent the growth of these cells, in turn, reducing the risk of spreading.


Breast cancer stage two diagnosis is not the end of life after the surgery follows- up with the treatment, and regularly lookout for any changes in the body.

Also to detect breast cancer at early stages. Always look out for changes in your breast. Detecting breast cancer early on increases the survival rate and also reduces the relapse of cancer. I hope you like the article about Can you die from stage 2 breast cancer? Share it with your friends and family members.

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