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Can Sperm Cause Throat Cancer: How to Prevent Throat Cancer?

Can sperm Cause Throat Cancer
Can sperm Cause Throat Cancer

Can sperm cause throat cancer: Oral is one of the reasons, which increases the risk of cancer. But here we are talking about sperm. Is it accurate that sperm cause throat cancer?

Research has been done at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center have HPV causes to increase the risk of throat cancer in men and women.

Having oral sex with your partner can be a stronger risk of cancer.

The research found oral human papillomavirus (HPV) infection is one of the most significant risk factors of disease.

Some times throat cancer spread from HPV infection in mouth and throat. The most common symptoms of this disease are oral sex.

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Here are some symptoms, cancer can spread from here, including:

  • Lips
  • Mouth
  • the area that connected to noise and throat
  • tongue

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What causes cancer in the mouth and throat?

Can sperm Cause Throat Cancer
Can sperm Cause Throat Cancer

The main risk of cancer is smoking, drinking alcohol, and chewing tobacco.

But HPV is the stronger cause of increasing cancer and the most significant risk of cancer in mouth and throat.

Taking about the percentage of patient of HPV come 1 in 4 months. But in younger patients, most throat cancer nowadays. The rate of throat cancer patients is increasing.

How do you get HPV in the mouth?

The simple way is having oral sex with your partners. It is one of the stronger possibility to get troat cancer. The research found it is the primary route of getting them.

They all are passed through vaginal, anal sex, which is linked through throat cancer.

The HPV is different types of cancer but like Oral sex.

Is it riskier giving oral sex to a woman or a man?

Here a few research found to giving oral sex to a woman compared to a man.

But HPV related cancer is twice as common in men than women. If 40s men get the risk of HPV, then 50 s women get the chance of HPV related disease.

I want to tell you here. Women get more risk than men if you do oral sex.

In other words, giving oral sex to a woman is riskier to providing men.

This caused an increase through the skin. Suppose if you are having oral sex with your partners and passing surface in the mouth then HPV can increase, which risk of cancer.

How common is HPV in the mouth?

It is the common question people ask. In 2009-10, the research found that 1 in 10 men and less than 4 in 100 American had the HPV infection in the mouth.

Another study found in 2017, in this year, 6 of 100 men and 1 of 100 women got affected by this infection in their mouth.

HPV was in men, who smoked and women, who were giving oral sex with their partners.

The study did not give the of the people how many people affected with HPV in mouth or cancer.

But this study gave limited numbers like 7 in 1,000 men and 2 in 2,000 women. Who have HPV in the mouth or cancer.

How does HPV cause cancer?

It doesn’t give cancer or cause but causes changes in the cell. It affected in the throat, and these cells can become disease or increase the risk of cancer.

Here are very few people affected with HPV cancer in the mouth like in 9 out of 10 cases. Naturally, the body clears the infection of HPV within 2 years.

If people smoke, then, HPV can increase because smoking kills the cell in the body and of the skin.

Smok does not grow the cavity of the skin. Smok allows to virus persists in the body.

Safer Oral Sex

If you want to do oral sex with your partner. How to do safer oral sex?

You can use safer oral sex with your partners. Use condoms while having sex with your partners. It will act as a barrier between the mouth and penis.

Using condoms, you can protect cancer in moth and have a healthy life with your partners.

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If you want to protect (stay safe) from HPV cancer and mouth cancer, try to avoid oral sex with your partners.

If you do oral sex with your partners, try to use condoms to protect many diseases like cancer in the mouth.

Take care of things which are given above.

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