Breast Cancer Survival Rate: 0 to 4 stages of Cancer

Breast cancer survival rate.

For several years, cancer has been considered the leading cause of death among many in the world. What is Breast cancer survival rate?

In a 2008 survey done by the world health organization, WHO.

About 7.6 million people died from cancer; this amounts to about 13% of the world’s populations.

Unfortunately, the numbers are expected to increase to about 45% by the year 2030.

This is attributed to the changes in lifestyle as cancer has been linked to poor lifestyles choices.

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However, despite the increasing number of people getting diagnosed with cancer each day.

The health departments have increased awareness and are working around the clock to ensure people embrace healthier living styles and get access to medical services.

For breast cancer awareness, one method that has greatly helped is the physical testing method; this method does not require any learning and can be done at the comfort of your house.

To better understand breast cancer, read on as we get insights on the sign and symptoms to look out for, the breast cancer survival rate.

Foods that help reduce the growth of cancer cells and most importantly know the survival rate of breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Survival Rate

Breast cancer or breast cancer survival rate is categorized in several stages, depending on the severity of the cancer cell growth.

  • Stage 0, at this stage, the cancer cells have not attacked healthy cells, and the survival rate is 100%.
  • Stage I, the survival rate at this stage is also high at 100%.
  • Stage II, in this stage, the cancer cells have spread to 3 or 4 lymph nodes, and the survival rate is about 93%.
  • Stage III, in this stage, the tumour is larger, and the cancer cells have spread to 9 or more lymph nodes, the chances for survival at this stage are 72%.
  • Stage IV, in this stage the cancer is invasive and has spread to other parts of the body, the survival rate at this stage is lower at about 22%

Remember, these numbers are estimates, and individual responses to cancer is different.

Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survival rate.

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  • A lump, this is one of the most common signs associated with breast cancer.
  • Redness and inflammation on the breast.

Breast cancer causes redness on the breast and the breast may appear, red, bluish, or even purplish.

Other injuries may cause the redness, but if you do not have any recent injury on your breast, it is advisable to seek medical attention immediately.

If you have experienced trauma that may have caused the redness, and the normal color of the breast does not return in a few days,

Then it is also vital to see a doctor immediately as this will help give proper diagnosis and guide you on the way forward.

Stage 1 Breast Cancer Survival Rates 20 Years

  • Changes in the size and shape of the breast.

The affected breast may swell compared to the other one. Though it is normal for one breast to be large than the other, in case of drastic changes, then it’s time to seek medical attention.

  • Discharge from the nipple.

If you notice, a milky discharge and you are not breastfeeding; then this is a sign you need to visit the doctor.

The discharge may also be yellowish, greenish, or even red.

However, it is important to remember, changes in the boy might not always be a sign of cancer, discharge from the nipple may be signaling a breast infection.

The discharge may also occur due to certain medications, birth control pills or thyroid illness.

  • Nipple and breast discomfort.

You may feel pain or tenderness, others also describe a burning sensation, and through the pain in the breast is a rare sign when it comes to breast cancer.

It is always important to seek medical attention if you notice any unusual changes.

For Instance, Breast Tenderness Can be Caused by Pregnancy or Ovulation

If you really want to check breast cancer survival rate or want to check cancer symptoms follow and check the below main headings.

  • Changes in the size and shape of the nipple.

The nipple may appear inverted, and though changes in the size of the nipple may be caused by other factors, never ignore any changes in your body.

  • Swollen lymph nodes.

Another common sign to look out for changes in the lymph nodes sizes. Breast cancer cells affect the lymph nodes before affecting the breast.

This is because lymph nodes filter fluids in the body and capture harmful bacteria in turn, leading to swelling.

However, if you notice firm, swollen lumps between the collarbone and the armpits, visit a health practitioner immediately.

Swollen lymph nodes lead us to the next sign, dimpling.

If you notice dimpled skin around the breast skin, see a doctor for further testing and proper medical analysis.

  • Changes in the skin texture around the breast.

The skin around the breast may appear dry and thick; one may also experience itching.

However, this is a rare sign and may be caused by other health conditions such as eczema or skin diseases.

Foods That Reduce The Risk of Cancer.

If you are looking for or want reduce the risk of cancer survival rate. Eat these foods which is giving below.

  • Turmeric.

In addition to been used as a spice, turmeric is also used as medicine. Turmeric has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory features.

Research has shown turmeric reduces the effects of cancer cell growth.

  • Foods with omega 3 fatty acids, such as fish.

Omega 3 boosts the immune system, in turn reducing the risk of breast cancer.

Other foods associated with lowering the risk of cancer cells growth include;

  • carrots,
  • tomatoes,
  • kales,
  • sweet potatoes,
  • garlic,
  • oatmeal,
  • brown rice,
  • peaches,
  • plums,
  • and berries.

Though the effectiveness of some of these foods is yet to be proven, it does not hurt to add them in your menu.

The most important thing is to always to eat foods that will boost your immune system.

Things to Avoid.

There is no specific food linked with an increased risk of cancer cell growth.

However, to lower the risk of these cells, one is advised to reduced alcohol intake as well as tobacco.

Bottom line.

What we eat plays a vital part in our health,

And it is no different when it comes to cancer, to reduce the risk of breast cancer watch what you eat, and remember, fresh foods contain more nutritional value, so avoid refined foods.

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