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Top 17 Breakfast Ideas for 1-Year-Olds [Easy-to-Prepare]

Have you been curious to know what to feed a one-year-old for breakfast? Can a one-year-old eat cereal or porridge? Breakfast is not required to be unpleasant, challenging, or repetitive.

Breakfast doesn’t typically require an area of expertise when it comes to making meals for kids, but we should try to provide them with a nutritious breakfast that they love to eat.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

Breakfast is essential for younger kids, but with so much, that must be accomplished every day in order for a household out of the residence, kid meals are frequently swept.

To facilitate, these nutritious baby breakfast ideas are quick snacks that you can prepare beforehand or arrange in minutes—and that the children will enjoy!

Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers

Whenever it comes to meal preparation ideas, there is a great deal to pick from, and here is what you’ll find in this blog:

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

17 Best Breakfast for 1-year-old in 2023

My main suggestion for choosy kids is to have a few consistent breakfasts that they see frequently to maintain a wide range of meals in the turning cycle. 

Kids enjoy procedure and similarity, so serving something once or multiple times a week makes them more likely (commonly) to digest it. 

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

1. Meal Plate for Breakfast

Meal plates are ideal for snacking, lunch, and as a breakfast option. Add certain nutrients in the form of dairy products, cream cheese, almond butter, yolk, or small meat slices, as well as fruit. So simple and adaptable! 

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

2. Smoothies and Shakes for Breakfast

Smoothies and shakes for kids are an ideal method to provide fruit, vegetables, nutrients, and fat for breakfast. You can make them simply by employing the following method:

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds
  • 1 cup of milk,
  • 12 cups iced banana,
  • 12 bowls of fruit (such as grapes or strawberries),
  • and 14 bowls of vegetables (baby spinach,
  • fresh cabbage,
  • cooked and chopped up sweet potato),
  • plus 1 tbsp almond butter or hemp seeds. 

Alternatively, simply combine 12 cups pure or creamy yogurt with 12 cups strawberries, and voila! Smoothie with yogurt is prepared!

3. Breakfast Cereal with Minimal Added Sugar

Keeping healthy cereals on the contrary can create breakfasts so much simpler as if matched up with dairy products or served crumbly together with milk, yogurt, or any kind of fruit. What’s the best part? They are popular with children! To ensure a healthy source of nutrition until mealtime, choose foods with very small refined sugar, a few grams of fiber, and other vitamins. 

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

4. Instant Oatmeal for Breakfast

Instant oatmeal combined with yogurt, fruit, and simple sugars is a nutrient-rich kids’ breakfast that is simple to prepare ahead of time. Furthermore, they are fairly thick, making them simpler for kids to eat with a spoon. 

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

5. Breakfast with Whole Grain Waffles

 Waffles merge whole grains, protein, and good fats to make a nutritious breakfast that toddlers will enjoy. What’s the secret to making these on a weekday? Make just a few extras over the holiday and defrost them! In the griddle oven or the microwave, they heat up instantly. 

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

6. Breakfast of eggs, fruit, and whole grains

Bake a few hard-boiled eggs and retain them in the refrigerator for quick kid breakfasts. Represent with toast pieces, fruit, or a remaining vegetable. And don’t worry if your child is still understanding to enjoy eating both the white as well as the yolk as they have quite different textures!

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

7. Breakfast Muffins with Eggs

Eggs are a great kid-friendly food because they are high in protein and fat, both of which kids require. You can prepare a batch of egg muffins on the weekend and store them in the refrigerator till you require them—and they include vegetables and fruit in them!

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

8. Quesadillas Meal  for Breakfast

Toasty cheese, spliced spinach, and plantains in a tortilla, and breakfast are ready to serve! You can vary the vegetables by adding finely sliced ham or omelets. But feeding a flavorful breakfast is an awesome (and convenient) method of beginning the day. Cook the quesadilla in a frying pan simply until the cheese softens, or place it in the toaster oven for just a few secs.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

9. Breakfast with Oatmeal

Many children appear to either adore or dislike oatmeal, but with many varying methods for presenting it, it’s highly likely that you can locate oatmeal that your kids enjoy. Change the appearance by slightly decorating it, they might choose the softer solidity of instant oats over rolled oats. For 5 days, try grated apple or dried fruit, followed by these, the next 5 days add finely sliced dried mango or strawberries. Allow them to add their own condiments! Nut butter, seeds, and even sprinkles are all delicious choices.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

10. Breakfast with Granola

Did you know that you could make granola at home without the need for a lot of artificial sweeteners or nuts that are too crunchy for kids? You absolutely can! (Moreover, you can also consider purchasing it from the shop.) For a quick whole-grain breakfast for toddlers, combine it with yogurt or any other dairy product and fruit.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

11. Breakfast with Sweet Potato Toast

Disperse squished baked sweet potato on buttered bread and garnish with cinnamon for a veggie-packed breakfast. Sprinkle with almond butter or a handful with a slander of cream cheese to amp up the taste. For a breakfast idea for a 1 or 2-year-old, divide into cubes or twigs as considered necessary. For sure, you can garnish bread with mashed avocado or banana, almond or seed butter and jam, apple crisp, or whatever other toppings your child prefers.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

12. Cookies for Breakfast

Are you looking to clinch some additional morning snuggles? Make some breakfast cookies! This is a wonderful option that really can transform a child’s day around when he or she gets up on the incorrect end of the bed. Combine some nutrients, such as a mug of milk, some cheese, or a yolk.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

13. Breakfast with Yummy Baked Donuts

In even less than 15 min, you can turn batter into baked donuts while also making the children eager to eat their breakfast. If we’ve garnered into a breakfast slump, this is among my top preferred methods to shake up the routine.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

14. Breakfast with Whole Grain Muffins

Bake a handful of muffins each time you have the opportunity, and keep them in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator or chiller until ready to cook.  Heat them gently (or all the manner through if slow cooking from defrosted) to make them taste fresh out of the microwave.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

15. Breakfast Muffins with Oatmeal

Preparing oatmeal muffins is a simple option to cook a breakfast treat that the children will love, and it’s a wonderful substitute for ordinary oatmeal. I appreciate how much fibre and intricate dietary carbohydrates the oats contribute, and how you didn’t determine they’re in the muffins!

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

16. Breakfast with Baked French Toast

Bake a handful of French Toast on a sheet pan, defrost it, and you’ll have an extremely fast breakfast ready in secs. I like this recipe because it has bananas in it for deliciousness and potassium, and it’s yolk-free, so more toddlers can eat it. For something unique, try it out with yogurt, applesauce, or dipping sauce as well as some fruit salad.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

17. Breakfast Bars

Only with very few simple ingredients, you can make a plate of breakfast bars that are full of flavor and as well as nutritious food. These keep perfectly in the refrigerator or freezer and are also kid-approved!

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

18. Yogurt Drink for Breakfast

Mix protein and probiotic-packed yogurt with fruit for a nutritious (and reduced carbs) drinkable yogurt. If you’re looking for a quick and easy breakfast, this is a good choice… Alternatively, serve with buttered bread.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

Eggs for a One-Year-Old

It’s an eggcellent extension to your breakfast schedule, either you’re trying to cut into a hard-boiled egg for breakfast or plainly scrambling them for an appetizer. Eggs are a savory and filling breakfast option that can be compiled in a number of ways. So, which style of cooking is your personal fave?

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds
  • Hard-boiled
  • Omelets
  • Scrambled
  • Deviled eggs
  • Sunnyside up

Eggs are among the ideal dietary components of choline, an important nutrient that promotes brain growth in kids. While your digestive tract does normally produce new choline in tiny portions, choline consumption is essential for keeping a healthy life.

One egg contains 147 mg of choline, which accounts for 27% and 35% of the per day nutritional patterns for adult males and females, including both.  Only one egg contains 74% of your child’s daily requirement nutrient intake of choline. 

Oatmeal Advantages

Oatmeal is an iconic breakfast mainstay and is among our beloved breakfast items for a 1-year-old. It’s extremely adaptable and can be provided with a wide range of flavor combinations.

This heart-healthy grain is an enjoyable preferred choice, whether you’re savoring a plateful of steel-cut, Scottish, or slid oats. Get creative and transform it into porridge, overnight oats, granola, or baked goods such as muffins or cookies.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

Oats are high in nutrients, as evidenced by their numerous health advantages. Their dietary fiber, in particular, lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance while also promoting digestive health.

Seasonings to Include in Your Toddler’s Breakfast

Spices can transform meals by introducing a spurt of strong flavors, nutrients, and flavonoids. They are also high in micronutrients, which endorse brain and immune function while fighting tenderness.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

Cinnamon, for instance, has antimicrobial, antiviral, and blood glucose-lowering characteristics, which greatly alleviate overall disease risk. Advantages for the entire family – therefore don’t be afraid to experiment with seasonings! Find alternative configurations to find your favorite new flavor pairing.

Concentrate on Fiber-Rich Foods: Whole Grains, Fruits, and Vegetables

What are the similarities between whole grains, fruits, and vegetables? They are all packed with plenty of wholesome fiber and a wide range of nutrient content that encourage good health. Whole grains are made up of three parts:

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds
  • bran
  • germ
  • endosperm

Refined grains, in contrast, only comprise the endosperm. However, separating the bran and germ removes vital nutrients such as B vitamins, iron, and fiber. Isn’t it simple to choose “brown bread”?

Take this into account once more! Some bread may appear brown due to the presence of molasses or other similarly colored additives. 

Special Nutritional Needs or Food intolerances?

Is your child oversensitive to common mealtime ingredients like dairy, whole grains, or eggs? Don’t be concerned! Check out some of these simple replacements to help meet your toddler’s nutritional requirements and encourage proper development and growth.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

Dairy-free Infants And Toddlers

Try almond, soy, hazelnut, hemp, nuts, pea, pistachio, quinoa, or oat milk rather than cow’s milk.  Dairy-free yogurt substitutes are also readily available to meet all of your breakfast requirements.

But don’t be concerned about your dairy-free toddler’s calcium or nutrient intake! Soy milk contains sufficient calcium and protein for your rising kid.

Simply look for unflavored soy milk that has been reinforced with calcium and vitamin D.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

Egg Allergic Kids 

You can substitute minced bananas, applesauce, flaxseed eggs, silken tofu, whipped egg whites, or commercial egg additives for the eggs.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

FAQS of Breakfast Ideas for 1-Year Olds

Is yogurt a healthy breakfast for a one-year-old?

You can certainly serve natural yogurt. But, similar to oats, you can easily add a wide range to your toddler’s breakfast or meal by mixing up the condiments! You can also consider making flavored yogurt at home.

17+ Easy-to-Prepare Breakfast ideas for 1-year-olds

Is one egg sufficient for a one-year breakfast? 

Each egg provides at least 9% of a child’s daily iron necessities, 60% of their daily folate needs, 12% of their regular omega 3 prerequisites, and 43% of their dietary protein regulations. So, just one egg per day is a dietary powerhouse.


Feeding a child is no easy task. Wails (presumably from mothers) and meal spills on Each and every ground are possibilities. While the procedure may be difficult, exposing your baby to a wide range of foods can help broaden their tastebuds, kickstart better eating, and supply a range of nutrients necessary for optimal growth. This collection of over 15 Breakfasts for 1-year-old with no teeth includes options for all flavor choices, making meals simpler each week!

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