Benefits of Ayurvedic Cleansers in 2022

Have you heard about Kitchari cleansing? If not, you must have heard about ayurvedic cleansing. These are the names for the same method used to reset a person’s eating habits and give their body a break. 

Ayurvedic cleansers are ordinary, but this method focuses on a few easy-to-digest food items that will balance your body. One will feel relaxed and energetic after this method is completed. This method is usually done using herbal cleansers, but many use herbal cream (for external use). 

Kitchari cleanse is popular in wellness practices and ayurvedic treatments. The food one eats during the cleansing process is hearty enough to give the body the energy it requires to realign the doshas (the body’s three primary sources of energy). The rest of your energy will be spent destroying toxins that build up in the body.

What is a Kitchari cleanse?

The term “Kitchari” means mixture, and it is a combination of grain and legume in a hot soup. The dish is made from rice and mung beans. Whole grains and legumes like lentils are used in this dish.

Tea and several herbs are selected for helping balance the doshas and hydrate your body quickly. Water and tea are the suggested beverages for people using ayurvedic cleansers.

A bowl of Kitchari is excellent for cleansing as it is easy to digest. It offers more than enough nutrition for healing as well. The ingredients are essential, and other items could be incorporated if required. 

Well-cooked and easily digestible vegetables such as leafy greens, carrots are best during this cleansing method. Grain dishes such as oatmeals and wheat are a part of the recipe.

What are the benefits of the Kitchari cleanse?

This is the best method to reset the whole body. Resetting your body means resetting your body’s Agni or metabolic fire. In ayurvedic scriptures, the body’s wellness returns to your digestive health. If the digestive system is unwell, the person is not well.

Practitioners also promise the following benefits to your body after using ayurvedic cleansers:

  • Removing accumulated toxic materials from mind and body (tissues)
  • Improves digestive system’s functions and restores proper bowel movements
  • Eliminates congestion or heaviness in your body
  • Help in weight loss and building back a strong body
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Promotes overall health and wellness

Your body has its own cleansing methods. It has a built-in system to push out toxins and other harmful materials that accumulate in the body. The functions are mainly done by the kidney and the liver. 

These organs can clean and remove all the natural waste produced by your body. The problem arises when these organs cannot perform these functions properly, and when that happens, you need to do the ayurvedic cleansing process.

Cleanses are not a strange idea for people. People use several ayurvedic products such as ayurvedic face cream, herbal hair oils, body massage oils, etc. These products do external cleansing, while Kitchari cleansing is for internal purposes.

How much time do you require to do the process?

Kitchari can take up to 3 to 10 days. And before the process, you need to practice pre-cleanse.

The process has three stages:

  • Pre-cleanse
  • Cleanse
  • Post-cleanse

The practitioners will guide you through these processes in the beginning. If you feel like resetting your body and regaining the energy, you can contact the nearest ayurvedic treatment center.

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