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Ben Napier Weight Loss (2023): Diet Plan, Before, After

This article is for you if you have struggled with excess weight for years and are ready to take the big lifestyle change and slim down. Ben Napier’s weight loss from an overweight struggling with health problems to the internationally renowned for his fitness that he is today.

Ben has been through it all and can tell you what works when losing weight for good.

Who is Ben Napier?

“The Home Town” star host and woodworker Ben Napier is famous for his show with his life partner Erin Napier and a member of HGTV stars. He has an impressive career in Home Improvement TV show and woodworking and has been the host of “The Home Town” show for many years.

Ben Napier Weight Loss
Name:Ben Napier
Date of Birth:24 September 1983
Age:40 years
Height: 6 feet 6 inches or 198 cm
Weight:115 kg 
Net worth:$5 million,
Profession: Woodworker, Author, and Entrepreneur

Born in Mississippi, he is an American national. His age is around 39 years old. He possesses a height of 6 feet and 6 inches, and currently, his weight is 280 pounds. His first job was as a contractor in his Mississippi hometown, where he met Erin, who became her wife.

Ben has been working hard for years to achieve success in all of his projects. Still, it was only sometimes easy for him. Ben Napier struggled with excess weight for many years, but he conquered that obstacle with effort and determination.

Ben Napier’s Weight Loss was far from easy for him. He had to take a firm decision after weighing all the pros and cons of becoming obese or not by changing his lifestyle drastically.

After a very successful career in television and woodworking, he established himself internationally renowned for his weight loss journey.

Ben Napier Weight Loss Journey

The Big Man started to host the HGTV show with his partner in 2016 and is known for his excessive weight. After all of his hard work, he was in terrible shape.

He weighed over 335 pounds and thought he could only lose weight with a significant lifestyle change.

ben napier weight loss

He stated in an interview that the birth of his daughter Hellen made his mind to live a healthy life. He said that his father and paternal grandfather both had heart surgeries, and his maternal grandfather died when his mother was 17.

So, after becoming a father, he decided to do something about his health. 

After losing 55 pounds, he became fit, healthier, even more, confident, and healthy. His girlfriend Erin is supportive of him and formed a perfect pair there while they worked together on their shows.

Ben Napier Weight Loss Diet Plan

The fitness guru is a vegetarian. Ben Napier has learned to accept his body type and that he is naturally massive. He tried a lot to lose weight, but after failing every attempt, he decided to try a vegetarian diet.

  1. He mainly focuses on cutting crabs from his eating habits.
  2.  Napier also reduces calorie intake by substituting with vegetables.
  3. He also allows himself to have intermittent fasting, which is just not eating for some time between a few hours to overnight.
  4. He also added drinking water to his lifestyle, which is important for his health.
  5. However, he sticks to drinking green tea and having a lot of veggies.

He is following the diet plan from 2018; now, all his fans and viewers can see a change in his appearance. He was seen in a t-shirt and sweatshirt, not in his baggy clothes.

Now, he looks fantastic and has lost weight by avoiding fatty food and taking time to work out regularly.

Ben Napier Workout Routine

Ben Napier also gets out of shape but doesn’t give up at any cost. He said that losing 55 pounds was tough, but he worked hard and finally succeeded.

Ben Napier Weight Loss
  1. He lost weight by working out regularly with intense cardio workouts
  2. And started to wake up at 4:30 in the morning and play basketball as part of his workouts. 
  3. He also did jogging, running, and cycling and tried a variety of exercises to keep himself on the right track.
  4. Ben Napier lost weight by playing basketball and spending time outside every morning.
  5. He also did exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches, along with his cardio workouts.
  6. The workouts are very intense and make him sweat a lot.
  7. He only eats carbs on his heavy days to cut calories during his workout sessions.

Ben Napier Weight Loss Results

His fitness goals were to lose weight and look good physically, mentally, and emotionally. His weight loss journey is managed by following a diet plan and working out regularly. He works hard every day to get in shape physically as well as mentally.

ben napier weight loss

According to him, he lost 55 pounds very fast, which also made him very happy at his old size of 335 pounds.

His diet plan has been used for several years and is still effective in his daily routine. He continues to work hard in his life on TV shows and in the woodworking business.

As seen on Home Town, Erin (L) and Ben (C) Napier work on removing the sheetrock and plaster off the wall for the new door that will connect the dining room into a new hallway at the Saxton residence in Laurel, MS. (portrait)

Ben Napier Weight Loss After and Before

his recent photos on social media show his efforts and dedication toward his weight loss goals. Ben Napier’s weight loss motivation is admirable, and he is an excellent example for everyone who wants to make a change in their lives.

Ben Napier Weight Loss


What is the age of Ben Napier?

The famous host was born on 24 September 1983, which makes him age 39.

What is the height of Ben Napier?

His height is 6 feet 6 inches.

What is the weight of Ben Napier?

Currently, he weighs 280 pounds.

What is the net worth of Ben Napier?

Ben’s estimated net worth is $5 million.

Final Words

We all know what he looks like and what he has done to eliminate excess weight. He always works hard for his goals, which helps him shed the extra pounds damaging his health.

Ben Napier’s weight loss story is inspirational for everyone who wants to live a healthy life without physical or mental damage. He has given the world an example of hard work, determination, and patience.

So if you want to lose weight, follow Ben Napier’s weight loss story, take inspiration from him, and change your life.

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  1. Good for Ben and his family too. He wants to be around to watch his girls grow up. Bless all of you and Stay well! Love your show, and the Good people you have working with you. ❤🙏🏼


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