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5 Quick Tips Average Weight For Height In Kg

We all hope of contacting her, that Eldorado figure that would make us the ideal woman and in good health. Here you will learn about average weight for height in kg

But is there an ideal weight? How to calculate it? How to reach it and keep it? Let’s do a check-in — the average weight for height in kg.

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Calculation Of Theoretical Weight

Step 1 – Average weight for height in kg

Many doctors have tried to develop mathematical formulas to determine the ideal weight.

Today, only two of them are taken into account, only one, the IMC, is recognized and used by the world’s top health authorities.

But she does not measure everything, though!

average weight for height in kg

Warning: The BMI is only an indicator (especially to detect obesity), to consider carefully, especially if you have dense bones and if you are very muscular.

Body mass index (BMI)
BMI = weight / height squared
(For example: BMI = 55 / (1.65 x 1.65) = 20.2 if you weigh 55 kilos and measure 1m65)

The Table Below is Valid For Adults

Less than 18.5 => Lean
From 18.5 to 25 => Normal
25 to 30 => Overweight
More than 30 => Obesity

I Calculate My BMI

Step 2 – Average weight for height in kg

By inverting the formula, we can give an approximation of the ideal weight for a given size: ideal weight = BMI x size squared.
For example, to obtain a BMI between 18.5 and 25 when measuring 1m60, you must weigh between 47.5 kg and 64 kg.

The Ideal Weight, How to Perceive It? Calculate It

Step 3 – Average weight for height in kg

The Lorentz formula

Ideal weight for a woman = size in cm – 100 – (size -150) / 2
(For example, if you measure 1m 65, your ideal weight = 165 – 100 – (165 – 150) / 2 = 57.5 kilos).
Ideal weight considering age = 50 + (height – 150) / 4 + (age -20) / 4
(For example, if you are 1m 65 and are 30, your ideal weight = 50 + (165-150) / 4 + (30 – 20) / 4 = 56.5 kilos).

 Lorentz formula, IMC, the limits of these calculations

Warning: The Lorentz formula is almost no longer used. As for the BMI, it gives only a rough idea of ​​the desirable weight, since it does not take into account the age of the individual, his skeleton, or his morphology.

Weight, Body Fat And Lean Mass

Step 4 – Average weight for height in kg

The weight displayed on the scale covers the sum of the different elements that make up the body, regardless of their respective proportions.

Thus, the overall weight of a person of 25 years is distributed as follows: 25% of liquid (blood and water), 32% of muscles, 15% of skin and skeleton, 8% of viscera and organs, 20% of fat.

  • While weighing itself is already a good indicator, but muscle weighs more than fat, an athlete can quite display a relatively high weight without needing to lose weight.
  • A sporty woman weighs heavier, do not just rely on her weight!
  • To measure the composition of the body (fat mass ratio vs. dry mass, that is to say, muscle mass), there is a test: bioelectrical impedance entry which involves placing electrodes on the body.
  • Some scales also allow this measurement at home, the result is perhaps less accurate but it is a very practical alternative.
  • In determining body fat and lean mass, impedance measurement gives a more detailed idea of ​​the purpose and weight that can be expected.
Fitness weight, balance weight

Step 5 – Average weight for height in kg

Many specialists prefer to talk about fitness weight or balance weight.

This figure, reached in adulthood, differs according to the individuals according to history (growth, weight evolution, state of health).

And the heredity of each one, and can change during life according to certain settings.

The body would always tend to return to this weight of balance, programmed in advance and unfortunately not always in phase with the desires of each other.

First and foremost, you have to feel good in your body!

The Success Of a Suitable And Stable Weight

Step 6 – Average weight for height in kg

The scale number is not the only indicator of the ideal weight: it can also vary from one day to another, depending on what you have drunk or eaten.

Learn -It is also better to weigh yourself only once a week, at the same time and in the same outfit.

It is better to speak of an equilibrium weight, that which is “attributed” to us by nature, according to genetics, morphology (size, bone structure …) and experience.

You know, it is usually a weight that, whatever you do (excess or diets), tends to return regularly.

Rather than trying to reach a weight that is not adapted to your body type and lifestyle, it is better to try to maintain this weight of form by eating a varied and balanced diet, and by regularly practicing physical activity.

If, on the other hand, one is aware of having gone too far from this equilibrium weight (thinness or overweight), one can refer to the body mass index and, for more detailed figures, to a test of impedance.

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