Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss (2024): How She Lost 50 lbs?

It is easy to lose weight by following a diet plan, eating less, and exercising regularly. But it’s another story if you do that while surrounded by temptations, eating in front of the TV, or making your friends jealous since you don’t have hamburgers at their house.

But the super talented Angel Strawbridge has shown everyone that they too can set goals, regardless of what conditions they are facing, and achieve them. Angel began dieting by simply eating less, but now she views it as no longer enough.

In order to help everyone, she has devised a diet plan not just for herself, but for all she loves. Her plan is based on common sense and a combination of exercise and dieting.

She was determined to find out what was a healthy level of weight and what wasn’t.

Angel found the natural causes of obesity and was determined to do something about it. She decided that she wanted to lose weight once and for all – to get fit, prove herself, and be healthier and happier.

Looking closely at Angel Strawbridge’s weight loss journey, let’s see what made her successful.

Who is Angel Strawbridge?

Angel Strawbridge was born in East London, and her birthday is April’1978. She is better known as Angel Adoree and is a British novelist and entrepreneur from East London. She obtained her accounting license through his business studies, and now she consults businesses on their profit and loss.

Angel Strawbridge
Name:Angel Strawbridge
Date of Birth:7 April 1978
Age:44 years
Height:1.67 m
Weight: about 33 pounds overall.
Net worth:a few million
Profession:TV personality

One of her best-known businesses is The Vintage Patisserie, which she owns and operates. As a child, Angel was passionate about all things vintage.

The thirteen-year-old began collecting vintage clothing from thrift stores when she was just 13 years old.

Angel spent some time in London counseling companies on profit and loss as a business studies expert and chartered accountant.

At the Aston+Hayes Institute, she began working as an image consultant. A year later, she opened an online shop and event venue called The Vintage Patisserie.

Getting funding from Deborah Meaden and Theo Paphitis on BBC Two’s Dragons’ Den immediately increased Angel’s brand exposure.

Angel and Deborah remained close friends after the broadcast, despite the dissolution of their relationship.

Through Angel Strawbridge’s television agency, she met Dick Strawbridge. In a short period of courtship, they had two children together. They married in 2015.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Journey

When Angel started dieting, she kept her weight down to a very low level. The primary reason she wanted to diet was to look better. After some time, however, she found that that wasn’t enough necessarily and knew that what she needed was to lose weight.

angel strawbridge weight loss

She soon realized she had been too afraid of her weight for a long time and was determined to keep up with the excellent work again.

She consulted various doctors only to discover that the truth wasn’t always what she thought it was. She started her weight loss program with a strict diet and exercise schedule.

Her program involved eating seven small meals daily without indulging in food after dinner. All of the meals had to be carefully planned to ensure that the body got proper nutrients and that the taste buds were also satisfied.

Angel knew that if you are smart about your diet and keep an eye on your calorie intake, it is easy to lose weight fast.

To go along with this, she worked out for an hour or so every morning and evening, depending on her schedule.

This weight loss program worked very well for her initially as it gave her excellent results at first.

Angel’s husband, Dick Strawbridge, has been a tremendous help to Angel and her family throughout the years when dealing with weight loss issues. 

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Diet Plan

The Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss diet plan is designed for everyone to follow. Whether you are trying to lose weight for the first time or have been dieting for a long time, it is a straightforward and practical approach.

It focuses on eating healthy meals with plenty of fruits and vegetables in them as well as exercise.

Angel Strawbridge

The Angel Strawbridge diet plan below can serve as a perfect inspiration for you when planning your weight loss plan:


It was Angel’s most important meal of the day, and she never skipped it. Her breakfast consisted of a bowl of porridge or oats, blueberries, and almonds – in that order. In addition to her nutritional diet, it’s important not to add sugar into your diet eat refined foods or drink sugar-sweetened beverages. Angel cooked all her meals herself because she was a full-time mother and ran her business. 


Angel Strawbridge usually keeps it heavy with protein and even veggies. She ate salmon and salad with a large amount of lemon juice.


Roasted chicken breast, steamed vegetables, mushrooms, grilled veggies, and baked sweet potatoes with herbs were part of his meal as dinner.


Protein shake and a handful of nuts after each workout; the pre-workout snack was an oatcake or an apple. Post-workout snack was watermelon.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss Workout Routine

Angel’s workout routine included two 30-minute workouts per week. The exercises she chose were cardio, bodyweight, and strength training. For cardio, Angel did some skipping with some light jogging, jumping, and various forms of dance.

Angel Strawbridge

For weight training, Angel used a combination of dumbbells and resistance bands to work her muscles for her to be able to lose weight faster.

Angel also stayed very active in the garden, which gave exercising a different kind of feeling altogether as she was always moving around barefoot or wearing very little clothing to keep her body as healthy as possible.

The workout plan includes the following exercises:

  • Cardio
  • Sled Pushes
  • Step-ups
  • Walking
  • Bodyweight Training

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss After and Before

As a result of her weight loss, Angel had to feel a lot more energy and overall feel better about herself.

With that said, she has achieved the goals she set out for the process and received tremendous support from her followers on social media and with family and friends.

A post-Angel shared with her friends mentioned that she had lost 15 kilograms. Previously, she weighed 80 kilograms.

Angel Strawbridge Weight Loss


Angel Strawbridge has been able to lose weight quite successfully and, in the process, has created a lifestyle that will keep you fit and healthy and make your skin look radiant. Angel Strawbridge’s Weight Loss results were entirely satisfactory as she had lost 15 kilograms in a short period.

It’s also important to mention that throughout her journey, Angel did not starve herself or go through any other harmful measures but instead ate healthy foods and did workouts which helped her burn calories. Angel is not only an inspiration for others due to her commitment and effort when losing weight, but she can also serve as a source of motivation for those who lack self-belief.

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