5 Treatment Options For Pearly Penile Papules (PPP)

Like any part of a man’s body, the penis can be essential to his overall health and well-being. It has several functions, which include sexual, urinary, and reproductive. Because of these crucial functions, you should take good care of your penis to keep it healthy.

However, there are instances wherein you see some unusual appearance or irregularities in your penis. They could be pearly penile papules or PPP. Although these small bumps aren’t considered dangerous, they can still affect men’s lives in several ways. So, various treatment options are available to get rid of these bumps.

If you’ve heard about PPP for the first time, below are the five treatment options for PPPs that you should keep in mind from the get-go:

What Are Pearly Penile Papules?

PPPs refer to harmless small bumps that grow surrounding the head of the penis. They look like pimples arranged in a single or two rows. Although they are only small growths, their color and size differ from one person to another. In most cases, the PPPs can be yellow, pink, or white. When it comes to size, these bumps can be between one and four millimeters.

Moreover, some common causes of the occurrence of PPP include overgrowth of fibroblasts, collagen, and dilated blood vessels. Although the PPPs resemble some sexually-transmitted diseases, they’re generally harmless and don’t cause severe health conditions.

However, given their appearance, women may feel scared to have sexual contact with men with PPP. Unfortunately, this may cause anxiety and mental distress to individuals dealing with these tiny penile bumps. So, most men are eager to find ways to get rid of PPPs so they can remain confident when having sexual intercourse with their partners.

What Are The Treatment Options For PPP?

Generally, PPPs aren’t contagious. They don’t cause any health risks. But they can negatively affect men’s sexual lives as women who discover their partners have PPP may feel anxious about the idea that they may contract the condition by having sexual contact. For this reason, many men seek treatment options to remove these small growths. These can include:

1. PPP Kit Home Treatment

One of the good things about managing PPPs is that they can be treated at home. With the help of a PPP kit, you can eliminate the tiny bumps or these normal anatomical skin variations on your penis painlessly and safely. All you need to do is apply the anesthetic cream, vaporize the blemishes, and destroy their cores. 

You can also do this home treatment for the papules for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. After the first session, determine whether another procedure is needed to eliminate the small bumps. If you’re looking for better results, avoid sexual activity throughout your treatment. This way, your treatment will not be interrupted for better results.

2. Laser Treatments

Another PPP treatment that you may want to consider is using a laser. It refers to using a highly-focused beam of light or infrared rays to burn off the bumps and smoothen your skin. Although laser treatment can be less painful, a numbing cream is applied to the affected area to reduce the feeling of discomfort. Also, the doctor may prescribe a topical medication after the treatment to speed up the healing process of your wounds. 

3. Electrodesiccation

Electrodessication can be another PPP treatment method you may consider. Compared to laser treatments, it’s much cheaper as it uses electrodes to scrape the bumps and destroy their cell membranes to remove them altogether.

Additionally, electrodesiccation as a treatment for PPPs can be convenient since it lasts only 15 to 25 minutes. But the healing and recovery time may take approximately one to three weeks, which is why extra care is necessary to ensure more favorable results.

4. Cryotherapy

You may also use cryotherapy as a treatment method to remove PPPs. Under this procedure, liquid nitrogen is applied to freeze the small bumps on your penis and burn them within 15 to 20 seconds.

Depending on the result, you may or may not need a second session. But if you need it, the second session may be one or two months apart from the first procedure. On the other hand, it’s essential to know that using cryotherapy to remove PPP can be painful. But it can also be effective, so don’t hesitate to try it if you want.

5. Excisional Surgery

If the PPP treatment methods mentioned above don’t work, you may try excisional surgery. Under this surgical procedure, the doctor will remove the PPPs using surgical tools such as a scalpel. But unlike other treatment options, this surgical counterpart may leave scars on your penis.


Penile pearly papules are indeed harmless, unlike the sexually-transmitted diseases. But it can be distressing to males with these tiny bumps on their penises. Thankfully, you can use any of the treatment methods mentioned above to remove them and get your exciting sex life back. Just make sure to choose the procedure that suits your situation and budget.

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